There's been a rush of liberals ready to throw Bill Clinton under the bus. It has been politically convenient for them to deflect the "whataboutisms" coming from Roy Moore's defenders. "We assailed Clinton," they can now say. It is an act of historical revisionism and political cowardice. It has also been funny to watch liberals blame conservatives for liberals standing by Bill Clinton.

In light of that, though, it is going to be very interesting to see how they handle Al Franken. Will he become expendable to them? If they are consistent, he will.

It is also going to be funny to see if reporters rush to get Democrat senators on the record about Al Franken like they have done to Republicans about Roy Moore.

No. 1-1

There might be a very good reason to go after at this point in time. It puts him and his wife out to pasture finally. They are not the power couple they used to be and the Democratic Party knows it. They want Hillary to go away. This maybe the way to do it.