There's a Warning Sign in the Poll Numbers

Fewer Americans disapprove of the President these days, but that's because of the GOP.

The President's approval rating in the Real Clear Politics average hovers around 41%, which may be close to the ceiling. It is becoming increasingly likely that the President's numbers should be viewed as that high because of the economic good news, not low in spite of the good economic news. Regardless, there is a warning sign in the new Morning Consult online polling, which tends to be more favorable to the President.

According to this poll, the President's disapproval is at a new low, meaning fewer Americans disapprove of the President than ever before. That sounds great, but it appears the reason is because Republicans have rallied to the President after tax reform. Well over 80% of Democrats and 49% of Independent voters still disapprove of the President. If that trend holds, it could help the GOP hold Republican districts in November, but still wipe out enough seats to give the Democrats the House and potentially take the Senate.

Polls, polls, polls - Erik uses them to make his points, until his points turn out to be wrong in reality. Maybe Erik would be a better weather man than a political prognosticator.

Tax cuts GOOD. Budget BAD and UGLY. Up next, IMMIGRATION that can exponentially include BAD BAD BAD and UGLY UGLY UGLY on steroids.

Note: My chart was in color, red and blue, which helps make sense of which number is with which candidate, but that doesn't translate over to the post. A positive difference means the state moved toward the final winner (who may or may not have been leading in the polling average). A negative number means it moved away from the winner. By adding the math and knowing who won which state, you can figure out who was leading and who won each state. The color coding showed all of that, but there are the numbers anyway.

As others have pointed out more eloquently than I will, the 2016 polling (I consider 538 the best place for those types of numbers) was right on the money. MILLIONS more US citizens voted for Secretary Clinton than for Mr. Trump. If you count the millions of others who voted for a third party (neither Clinton nor Trump), you begin to see that the vast majority of people in the United States did NOT want this grotesque little man in the Oval Office. In 2018, you'll see all those folks do whatever they can to make sure 45's last two years in office include people who will check his power instead of roll over and offer their belly to him. America will remain an international laughingstock, but at least we'll send some small signal that we aren't the abject fools we appear to be. The first real question is, will the GOP recover from being the party that allowed such an ignorant, immoral person to be installed as POTUS or will it crumble into ash? The second real question is how many of our youth will the Christian Church lose forever because their parents or grandparents sold their souls for a tiny ounce of political power?

Delusional much...?