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There is no excuse for personal threats to you or your family. There is no excuse for harassing your family. No excuses. You deserve real apologies for every one of those affonts.

It's why I'm always going to roll my eyes when they complain about how they're treated. What they did to Erick and his family, David French and his family and others was despicable (quite honestly, I had only ever thought that leftists engaged in that behavior up til then).


The people who do and did those things deserve criticism. But while we're at it, we need to remember that it is those people, not President Trump, who did them.

Anyone who takes a position will find there is opposition. It is the strong who stand firm as you have and I applaud you for that. I have a different perspective on the Trump issue. I did not vote for him in the primary, I chose another candidate; but when it got to the genera election there was only two choices; not vote or vote for Trump. I look past the man and look at issues and I support those I think worthy. I do think he has been effective in moving the nation in the right direction. Do I like his "management style"; no. Continue in prayer. God knows your needs and your faith will be rewarded. I am also a Christian and probably more conservative than most of my friends! Yes I have met opposition; even been called by words I would not use in the privacy of my own home; but I am not deterred in what I stand for.