There Is No Conspiracy. There Is No Coup. There Is Corruption and Incompetence.

James Comey ran a Federal Bureau of Incompetence. He deserved to be fired. Donald Trump was right.

Christopher Wray, the FBI Director, should be fired. He stood before the nation yesterday and tried to downplay any and all concerns about impropriety at the FBI instead of exercising real leadership and taking ownership of the issues. He should be fired.

Thanks to an Inspector General report, we now know James Comey deserved to be fired and President Trump's only mistake was not firing Comey sooner. James Comey ran a deeply incompetent and corrupt organization. Agents were taking bribes from reporters for leaks. Agents were sleeping with each other and exchanging information. And partisans within the organization were most definitely making partisan decisions, including attributing benevolent motives to Hillary Clinton and sinister motives to Donald Trump based only on their own partisan inclinations.

In fact, the Inspector General's assurance that partisanship did not affect the outcome of any investigation seems more to reassure himself than the public. In one key excerpt, the Inspector General notes that Peter Strzok told his mistress that he'd stop Donald Trump from becoming President. But then the Inspector General concludes that most of the text messages related to that were connected to the Russia investigation outside the scope of the IG investigation.

It sounds like we need an IG investigation into the Russia probe to conclude this matter.

What we know for certain is that there is no elaborate deep state conspiracy to get Donald Trump. Actually, for all his bluster about taking out Trump, Strzok also lamented the Department of Justice suffering Stockholm Syndrome in relation to the Clintons and he wanted a tougher investigation and grand jury probe of Clinton.

No, there is no conspiracy. There is no coup. There is incompetence, corruption, and partisan hackery all the way down. FBI agents involved in the Clinton investigation revealed themselves to be sympathetic to her, contemptuous of Trump voters, and ready to leak to any reporter who could get them on a golf course or into a nice restaurant. The atmosphere was not professional, but frat like.

James Comey ran a Federal Bureau of Incompetence. He deserved to be fired. Donald Trump was right.

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@ColonelRace Agreed. Here's Andrew McCarthy's take on the FBI/DOJ culture that breeds corruption.

  • "And when finally called on it, the Justice Department circled the wagons: proceeding with its tainted prosecution, referring the now-retired Chaves for an internal investigation that has gone exactly nowhere after nearly two years, and using legal maneuvers to block the courts and the public from scrutinizing the scope of the misconduct.

The Ethos of Law Enforcement It has become a refrain among defenders of the FBI and Justice Department that critics are trying to destroy these vital institutions. In point of fact, these agencies are doing yeoman’s work destroying themselves — much to the chagrin of those of us who spent much of our professional lives proudly carrying out their mission. ... ..." *


As usual, excusing sedition because it was against Trump.


@gunner305 to quote you:

"@Jules, I bet you truely believe that Russia did not work hard to undermine our democracy, and that all those Russia’s agents (Manafort, Flynn et al) that ran Trump campaign were not linked to Russia’s interest. As that is your belief, please answer this question (as a True “American”).."

Well, gunner, as I came out explained, in great detail, my conviction that Russia did, in fact, work to destabilize our country, you seem to be paying more attention to the voices in your head than to my actual words. So bet away. Those voices also told you that Manafort and Flynn were not only "Russian agents" but actually RAN the Trump campaign, proving your tenuous grasp of reality. Your comment is a dog's dinner of accusations. If you are saying that the International Left has been working to undermine our nation and its form of government for decades I not only agree, it is something I have been talking about for nearly that long. They have mostly done it by burrowing into our society, though, not by attacking us overtly from outside, and it is that erosion from within that has done the most damage.

I once did a lot of business with people from another country. I traveled there, I met some of the more influential people in the country, I spoke the language, I knew the culture, and it would have made sense to ask me my opinion of that nation and even for introductions to the movers and shakers there if it were to become important to US interests. That would not make me an "agent"of that country, but if someone were irrationally invested in hatred of those who asked for my help I suppose I could be accused of being so. That was the role Manafort was asked to play. It may be that, totally aside from and unrelated to that role he had some shady interests, but that is not relevant to why Trump thought he had something he could bring to the table. The President of the United States, and anyone running for that office, has to have as much information as possible about the other major players, and it is simply common sense to seek out people with that kind of information.

You go on to say: "When Trump Administration says that Russia is attacking our infrastructures, i.e. power grid, are they lying? An American would say no, the Trump Administration is not lying about Russia’s intent to destabilize the US, what say you?"

I have been a loud voice from the beginning about Russia's interests in destabilizing our country. I don't know what Trump said about Russia "attacking our..... power grid" but it's been obvious for decades that what hurts the US benefits Russia. You seem to be bouncing all over the place, first implying that Trump worked with Russia to harm the United States or at least "undermine our democracy" and then saying that Trump has been openly claiming Russia is attacking our infrastructure.

So here is what I think.

Russia is not our friend. Never has been, probably never will be. Russia is a nation with a history of being run by tyrants, a history that made it pretty much impossible to be comfortable with the brief democracy that tried to emerge after the fall of the USSR. The corruption was too deeply embedded to be overcome and Russia quickly slid back into its ugly old self. It has learned that it doesn't have to attack us with guns and missiles, because the penetration into the heart of our society has weakened us so badly that we are dangerously close to just giving in to the Leftist political system that defines Russia. If you don't believe, that, look at the recent polls showing how many young people admire Stalin and Lenin and Marx and think we should be socialist or even communist.

Donald Trump is not a Russian agent, stooge or ally. He knew he would need a lot of inside information, fast, about Russia if he was going to run for the presidency, and win, and he contacted businessmen he knew or knew of who had worked extensively in Russia and knew the top dogs there. None of these were politicians, sensitive to the absolute hysteria that lying opposition could create from pretty much anything, so they were probably not as canny as they should have been about who they talked to or how they talked to them, but there was never any effort on the part of the Trump team to collude with Putin to steal the election. That is a Leftist fantasy.

Russia didn't need to rig the election. Russia didn't even need to take sides. All Russia needed to do was drop some carefully constructed breadcrumbs hinting at various things, knowing the predictable hounds would start running around baying at the moon. The goal was never to get any particular person elected. The goal was to turn Americans against each other, to get as many Americans as possible emotionally invested in the idea of overturning a duly elected president, and to plant the seeds of rebellion against a legally elected administration. And they have been wildly successful. The former Speaker of the House is openly agitating for action against the government, though the named target is the president. Russia had plenty of true agents right here in this country-----they didn't need Manafort or Flynn. They had the Democrat Party and a howling mob just looking for something to tear down.

So please stop misstating what I said and informing me that I believe things I not only do not believe but never said a thing to lead someone to truly think I do. If you want to find the enemy of the United States, don't look at Trump or anyone he worked with, don't even look at the country of Russia------look at the political system that is the Left, look at how it has wormed its way into the heart of our government and our people, and look at the damage it is continuing to do. Too often with the help of people who are so gullible, and/or emotional and looking for someone to hate, that they become tools of the Left in its war against America.


@Reaganite Here's more on that train of thought. Erick on the radio just now barring any transcription errors I make: "I know that some of you believe the idea that there is a deep state that is trying to control something. I don't believe that there is, and I don't mean that to dismiss your concerns because I have your concerns...I just look it at it differently. The way I look at it, and I think the IG report shows it. Is that there is a staggering level of incompetence within the government bureaucracy, on top of the staggering level of incompetence is corruption, on top of corruption there is turf protection. When you add incompetence, corruption, and turf protection together-- you get something that looks like a malevolent conspiracy and it's not so much they are out to get you and they are trying to justify their existence and continue to prop up their own part of the bureaucracy. I think we get this in the IG's report. The foundation though is incompetence, these people were bungling morons. They were sleeping with each other, they were taking bribes from reporters--that's something by the way the meda wants to run from this story as fast as possible... "

@ewerickson That in actuality works as a more realistic definition of the Deep State/ Federal Leviathan embedded in the Federal Gov't.


Now we learn that Strzok emailed the draft copy of the Anthony Weiner search warrant to himself on his private email address days before the election, which allowed him to make changes to the warrant without being detected by FBI documentation and therefore not subject to official FBI records. He sent it to his private email to print it off at home and allegedly show to others, maybe Clinton, and allow changes despite the warrant being under seal by a federal judge. They sat on the information about Clinton's emails on Weiner's computer to cover up the information and to divert attention from Clinton to Russia. The IG said, “As we describe in Chapter Nine of our report, the explanations we were given for the FBI’s failure to take immediate action on the Weiner laptop fell into four general categories: The FBI Midyear (Clinton email) team was waiting for additional information about the contents of the laptop from NYO, which was not provided until late October; • The FBI Midyear team could not review the emails without additional legal authority, such as consent or a new search warrant; • The FBI Midyear team and senior FBI officials did not believe that the information on the laptop was likely to be significant; and • Key members of the FBI Midyear team had been reassigned to the investigation of Russian interference in the U.S. election, which was a higher priority…” But, no...there's no conspiracy.