The Whorification of Halloween

  • The original title was “Is Your Daughter a Whore?” but people seem vastly more offended by that title than by the costume industry wanting to dress their children up as whores. So to please the ever so easily offended, I’ve changed the title.

I presume that your daughter is not a whore. I hope your daughter is not. Mine certainly is not. In fact, I took my 11 year old to the Adele concert on Saturday night and her only criticism was that Adele used bad language occasionally while talking to the crowd.

I ask this question, though, because Halloween is upon us today and costume makers across America seem to think your pre-teen and teenage daughter wants to dress up as a whore. Shopping for Halloween costumes for girls has become a ridiculous affair. If my daughter wants to dress up as Black Widow, as she did last Halloween, there were no costumes for girls her age. But if she wanted to dress up as a slutty nurse, absolutely the costume industry could help her out.

That is the funny double standard. My daughter, at ten, wanted to dress up as Black Widow from the Avengers. They didn’t have kid costumes. She had to use a teenage costume and modify it. This year, my seven year old son wanted to be Deadpool. He hadn’t seen the movie, but Deadpool is in a Spider-man cartoon he watches without the violence and language. My wife was horrified, but the kid was pretty insistent he wanted to be Deadpool. Amazingly, at the most popular Halloween costume store chain in America, you couldn’t get a Deadpool costume for either a kid or teenager. Only adults could get a Deadpool costume. Kid costumes could be special ordered from Amazon, but were not otherwise available.

Why? Well have you seen the movie?

Still, if my daughter wanted to dress up like a prosti-tot, the costume makers were perfectly willing to slut her up. We finally found her a costume that is not designed to show butt crack, butt cheek, or cleavage. But I come away every year from the costume shopping experience convinced that Halloween costume season really is the best example of society in decline.