The Trouble With Ben Sasse

Ben Sasse has been a reliable vote for President Trump's agenda. But he also has principles and that is unforgivable.

Ben Sasse talks a fantastic game. When he laments a Congress whose members would rather be TV pundits than lawmakers,…

On the latter, it is worth noting that Sasse has voted for the President's Obamacare repeal, tax cuts, and judges. In fact, Sasse has been not just a reliable vote for conservatives, but also for most of President Trump's agenda. To the extent Sasse has been critical of President Trump, a great deal of it has been about the President using powers Congress abdicated and needs to take back -- a view many of those who are now attacking him held with him when Obama was President. The other prominent criticisms from Sasse towards the President are about the President's conduct in office -- criticisms shared by even a lot of Republicans.