The Senate GOP Should Not Treat the Kavanaugh Accusation As Credible

A Bernie Sanders donor makes an accusation from 35 years ago with no witnesses. Democrats pounce.

38 years after Roy Moore did inappropriate things with Leigh Corfman, Corfman came forward publicly to the Washington…

Corfman told multiple people around the time Moore behaved inappropriately with her. Just because you did not read about it in the Washington Post does not mean she did not tell others at the time. Brett Kavanaugh's accuser says she told no one about what happened to her until 2012, when she began to worry Kavanaugh could be on the United States Supreme Court. We do not know, but I suspect she began to have this worry before Obama beat Romney, i.e. during the political campaign with the fear of Romney winning hanging in the air. The accusers is, after all, a Bernie Sanders donor.