The Senate GOP Should Not Treat the Kavanaugh Accusation As Credible

A Bernie Sanders donor makes an accusation from 35 years ago with no witnesses. Democrats pounce.

38 years after Roy Moore did inappropriate things with Leigh Corfman, Corfman came forward publicly to the Washington Post and told her story. Democrats are citing Corfman as proof the GOP should treat accusations against Brett Kavanaugh from high school as credible. Except there are some major differences.

Corfman told multiple people around the time Moore behaved inappropriately with her. Just because you did not read about it in the Washington Post does not mean she did not tell others at the time. Brett Kavanaugh's accuser says she told no one about what happened to her until 2012, when she began to worry Kavanaugh could be on the United States Supreme Court. We do not know, but I suspect she began to have this worry before Obama beat Romney, i.e. during the political campaign with the fear of Romney winning hanging in the air. The accusers is, after all, a Bernie Sanders donor.

The other issue here is pattern. Corfman was not alone and Moore was not a high school student. He was 30 years old preying on high school students. There were other accusers two confessing, individually and separately, similar patterns in Moore's behavior.

This has held up across the wave of exposure of sexual predators. Les Moonves, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Al Franken, Roy Moore, Donald Trump, etc. all saw multiple women come forward claiming to be victims and the behavior of the predators was similar each time.

Here we have one Bernie Sanders supporter who waited about 30 years before telling anyone and did so during a therapy session, which itself raises questions about whether this is real or a therapist contrived "recovered memory." At the time, Brett Kavanaugh was on the United States Court of Appeals. Kavanaugh's accuser did nothing publicly until 2018, thirty-five years after the accusation.

The accusation itself is that Kavanaugh, then a teenager, tried to force himself on to her at a party while drunk. Kavanaugh and his accused friend both vehemently deny the accusation. While I suspect the accuser will bring forward some friends who claim she told them at the time, because that is just how convenient this story is, thus far none have come forward.

What we do have, however, are 65 women who have known Brett Kavanaugh since high school who have vouched for his character since high school. We have a herd of reporters who accused the GOP of clearly knowing about the accusation because they could not conceive of 65 women working through the night to defend their friend's character. That not only speaks to the poor character of the reporters, but also to the fact that most political reporters in DC are already pre-disposed to oppose Kavanaugh.

We have dozens of female colleagues who have come forward to defend Brett Kavanaugh's character. We have moms of basketball players and those same female players defending him.

We have no pattern of conduct. We have no multiple accusers. We have no evidence. We have one Bernie Sanders donor against close to 100 women and girls who say this is outside the character of Brett Kavanaugh.

If the GOP decides to entertain this, we will start seeing this pattern repeatedly where one accusation from decades ago is given more weight than a lifetime of work and character witnesses that span a nominee's lifetime. Democrats want to weaponize the #MeToo movement to sabotage Brett Kavanaugh. The irony is that they are doing it to protect an abortion industry that preys mostly on innocent girls in the womb.

Should the GOP decide to go down this road, they will need to ask the accuser under oath which Democrat firm has helped her. Because the timing of this story has all the characteristics of a well timed PR effort.

The Washington Post just so happened to learn about this in July via the accuser calling a tip line.

The accuser then reached out to Dianne Feinstein who held on to a letter until after the hearings had concluded and a vote was scheduled.

Then the accuser came forward right before the vote and had helpfully had a polygraph done "by a former FBI agent" in early August.

But the accuser said she did not want to come forward and wanted to be anonymous. But she helpfully reported herself to the media, lawyered up, and got a polygraph.

This is all too perfect and has the makings for the perfect hit job. In fact, we should have no doubt the accuser will trot out friends who claim she told them the story. The Democrats will demand hearings. Republicans who dismiss her accusations will be attacked.

But the most critical pattern and the one that should keep the GOP from going down the hearing rabbit hole is the critical pattern that will not pan out -- there are no other accusers.

Lastly, and most importantly, the purported event happened 35 years ago in high school. To treat this as a trump card over which Kavanaugh's life's work should be discredited is a bridge too far. To treat one accusation as more credible than the praise Kavanaugh has garnered for his work and behavior in the last 35 years is a bridge too far.

The Senate GOP should not hold hearings on this accusation because it is not credible and doing so would set a dangerous precedent for future nominees.

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I still don't understand why no one is pointing out how almost impossible it is to go to the FBI and ask for a polygraph of your testimony for an event happened over 36 years ago where by your own account no one was hurt; with zero intent on pressing forward with charges that would be moot anyways because of statutes of limitations.

This point alone is telling that this is all false. It is way more in line with activists planting themselves in positions to be used in the future as hit pieces rather than the narrative they are trying to push.


Let's put this women on the stand and let Ted Cruz cross examine her. He once filibustered on the Senate floor for 24 hrs so he can go all night. The witness may not be excused!


Anyone who says they believe all women should say, Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick and Keith Ellison physically abused his girlfriend before anyone listens to them. Otherwise what they are really saying is they believe all women with acceptable political views who attack acceptable political targets.


After months of secret charges and secret courts made up of only Democrat Senators they make public allegations at the last moment to delay by which they really mean stop a qualified jurist.


Thank God none of the writers commenting so far have ever done anything wrong. High School, really? If I had to account for every stupid thing I did in high school, I'll probably be in jail. No one has any idea who's telling the truth or even what the truth is yet many of you are already piling on. I've been watching the Dems pull this sort of stunt since I was old enough to turn on the TV and our side always caves. And the Dems know we'll always cave. Yeah there are woman out there that will get their knickers in a twist, but so what? I'm a woman and I remember what high school was like. She's at a party at a house she can't remember. She can't remember why she was there or who invited her. If the boys were drinking you can bet the girls were. And I'll bet remembering parties I went to there was a lot of longing looks, coy stares and enticing stances. So lets Lynch the boys because the girls are pure as the driven snow. Lets destroy a mans life work because some girl at a party makes an allegation. But doesn't it seem just a little odd that this came out now like Bushes drinking? So I say no deal. Let the chips fall were they may.