The Senate GOP Has the Votes for Tax "Reform"

It looks like the GOP has the votes to enact their tax plan.

Senator Jeff Flake is now on board the Senate GOP's tax plan as are Senators Johnson and Daines. Senator Corker remains a hold out, but even Corker says he expects the plan to pass.

The GOP tax plan is really a corporate tax cut with just enough changes to the individual tax code to make some senators happy. There will be marginal tax liability reductions for people and there will be some modest growth, though not as much as the GOP will claim. It is more than a bit disappointing that the GOP seems incapable of passing real tax reform instead of nibbling at the tax code.

All that said, reducing the corporate tax rate to 20% will be a good thing. There is still the issue of the Rubio-Lee amendment and whether or not it can pass. If you would like to help them, text the word CREDIT to 52889.