The Roy Moore Problem for Conservatives

You want us to believe Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey, but you think we should automatically dismiss Roy Moore/s accusers? You chant "lock her up" but think we must clear Moore because he hasn't been found guilty in a court of law? That makes no sense.

I have tried to tread carefully and make clear we should not rush to judgment , but the reality is voters in Alabama are going to have to make a judgment. The voters will be Roy Moore's jury of peers. But what are we to do? The truth is I think Moore's accusers are credible. One of the things I would note is that they all looked similar and a lot of aggressors have a type. It seems Moore did. That is troubling because it bolsters their case.

But there's a bigger issue you. You want Juanita Broderick believed, but you're going to dismiss these multiple ladies? You want Paula Jones believed, but you're going to dismiss these ladies? You want Kathleen Willey believed, but you're going to dismiss these ladies?

You chant "lock her up" about Hillary Clinton, but you think Roy Moore is innocent until proven guilty?

The intellectual dishonesty is amazing. And here's the thing, for those of you willing to say he did it, but that a Democrat is worse because of his partisan positions, one day your maker is going to hold you to account for why you thought a kid toucher was a better fit for the Senate than someone you disagreed with on public policy.

I think at this point the burden of proof is on Roy Moore and barring some amazing defense he needs to walk away from this campaign. He may be innocent until proven guilty, but voters will have to make up their minds. And if I were a voter I would stay home. The mounting list of accusers who all have credible stories continues to grow and we should not be so willing to dismiss them if we want other victims to be heard.

Sticking with Roy Moore hurts conservatives and Christians' ability to draw others to our cause. And before you say that the other side would stick with their guy, I am not of the other side and see no reason to behave like the other side. We have a higher power to which we must be held to account and while we may get to him through faith alone, we will be judged on what we've done. And I just don't see the need to make Roy Moore's campaign a hill to die on even though I acknowledge there is a partisan pile on at the story more likely than not originated to take him out of the race for partisan reasons. The motive of the story, however, is less important that the motives of the accusers coming forward. And they all seem compelling.

@TimIsKim I think that is a reasonable solution

I believe Trump and McConnell were behind this. If Roy Moore wins, the Senate will vote to unseat him. Then the Republican governor of Alabama will get to appoint someone to fill the open seat. The governor will appoint Luther Strange and Trump and McConnell will get the man they wanted in the Senate.

It would be tested in court whether the Senate could legally do that, as the conduct in question has no relation to how his campaign for Senator is being run (Ie. FEC violations) and occurred long before he ran for the office. I don't think it will pass muster. As far as Alabama Governor Ivey appointing Strange if Moore vacates the Senate seat? No. Absolutely not. If she has to appoint someone for any length of time, it will likely be Mo Brooks, as Strange is reviled around here. Strange obstructed the impeachment process for disgraced EX-governor Bentley, and was appointed by Bentley to the seat contrary to the laws of the State in what smacks of a quid pro quo. She will likely ask Moore if he decides to step down (which is highly unlikely) to announce it, requesting that election be rolled into next year's mid-term election season and formally resign Jan 2019. The taxpayers would not appreciate having to pay for a second special election because the first was a dumpster fire thanks to outside interference.

*EDIT: The contrary to laws of the state refers to that unless the seat becomes vacant within four months prior to the next election, a special election is mandatory. http://www.alabamanews.net/2017/03/06/bipartisan-lawsuit-filed-gov-bentley/ Ps. Using the enter button to submit a comment is proving to be annoyingly counterintuitive. Is that something hard-coded or can it be set to something less used like End?

I still want to know why people seem to drift toward Moore having to prove his innocence. His accusers can't seem to get enough credibility to make an allegation that would stand up to any scrutiny in a court room, can they? If that can't be done, God should be the only one sorting this out because us mere mortals dropped the ball, somewhere. This is getting painfully old that good decent conservatives would use gossip and innuendo ads their yardstick, instead of what justice is supposed to stand for. when we quit playing by the political opposition's rules, these types of allegations will disappear and be replaced by courtroom battles, where they should. The only reason this happened with Moore, and many others, is that we let the Democrats take control of narratives, as in the "History of Sex in America part 2", and use it as another weapon, when it successfully derails justice, wrecks homes, changes morals( Just look what Bill Clinton accomplished during his term) and continually lowers the bar for future generations. We got caught up in a game being played out after Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein'd trap was sprung, and all this won't end until a President is impeached for nothing charges. Maybe that will make some crybabies happy, but just look what it will do to the rest of society, when you go and look back at all the destruction that was caused to get there. Say I'm crazy, I don't care, but the last ten or twelve years, alone, have been the most destructive time in my lifetime, and it doesn't appear to be looking up, any time soon. It used to be that justice was derived from a system that was derived, itself, by many, well, it goes back to the Magna Carta, and the Bible. Now it seems to have been replaced by popularity polls and gossip newspapers. Tell me where I'm wrong, please. If Roy Moore did those things those women accused him of, God will be the one taking care of it, like everyone else who may or may not have done things like that. His judgement day on Earth has passed, and evil people have injected this stuff to make us second guess everything we do. Politics is where the problem went off the rails when Democrats decided it was going to have to be a last ditch effort to grab back control to do the damage they intend to whats left of our society. That's what I think you need to be considering, instead of this nonsense about Roy Moore's innocence or guilt.