The Resurgent Conference Is Definitely Happening.

The Resurgent Conference is going to be in Austin, TX later this year.

It took a bit longer to get the initial sponsors locked down, but we have them. We're going to do a conference in Austin, TX later this year. We will be focusing on sound conservative policy in an age of personality. There'll be a heavy emphasis on conservatives and tech policy. We've invited Facebook and Google to have someone on stage with me to have conversations about conservatives and their platforms and how to build conservative policies for a free internet without a bunch of government regulation. They have accepted.

We will be extending invites to Ben Sasse, Ted Cruz, John Thune, Mark Meadows, Jim Banks, Governor Abbott, Speaker Ryan, several other tech companies and more members of Congress and candidates to come. I look forward to sharing the details with you soon. To sign up for more information, go here.

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