The Press As Enemy

Running coordinated editorials decrying the President just plays into the President's hands.

Over 200 newspapers across the country are together running editorials on the same day decrying President Trump’s attacks on the press. In so doing, these news outlets are confirming in the minds of many that they do coordinate efforts to attack the President. They play into the President’s hands and he will use these editorials as further proof they are out to get him.

The truth is the American press is not the enemy of the people, but is its own worst enemy. The press corps in the United States exudes a sense of entitlement. Only a few years ago a reporter at a prominent outlet declared the freedom of the press belonged only to reporters. Just last week, CNN ran an opinion piece comparing reporters asking the President questions with soldiers laying down their lives in defense of the country.

The President can attack the press so savagely because the American press corps currently has popularity ratings hovering somewhere beneath the piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Instead of trying to get stories right, the press is trying to be first. Instead of trying to understand and account honestly for both sides, the press is more and more playing to the left’s political prejudices.

Consider last week. The phrase “fake news” has entered the American lexicon and is something routinely said by everyday Americans and the President himself. The Newseum, a pretentious shrine to an undeserving press, started selling a shirt with “Fake News” written on it. The very same press corps decrying the President’s bullying tactics against them bullied the Newseum until it stopped selling the shirt. The press’s own lack of self-awareness would make an amoeba blush.

In the past two weeks, police arrested a man in New York for sending threatening voicemail messages to Republicans Steve Scalise and Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Another man was arrested for making a credible threat against Republican Chris Smith. According to Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner, “the lion’s share of news coverage since July 27 has gone to discussing the White House’s ongoing fights with media.”

Likewise, this past week law enforcement raided a compound in New Mexico and found what appears to be an Islamic radical training children to become school shooters. The media has, again, spent far more time talking about itself and the President. Then there is the Chinese spy who worked for Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein for a decade. The news broke in a California newspaper and a week after the story broke the national newspapers that will run editorials against the President’s attacks had not even reported on this significant story.

In Campaign 2016, President Trump and the press fed on each other. Media tracking firm mediaQuant reported that Trump received over $5 billion in free press coverage, outpacing all other candidates in the primaries and general election. The New York Times saw 300,000 new digital subscriptions in the first quarter of 2017 and almost that many in the last quarter of 2016. The Times reports its subscriptions have only just started slowing. The same is true for other news outlets as well.

On a daily basis, the news media focuses on stoking the outrage machine against the President at the expense of other news. Often, they get the stories wrong. Remember the President’s campaign receiving advanced notice of Wikileaks releasing emails belonging to Hillary Clinton and John Podesta? CNN, CBS News, and others reported it. It turns out they were wrong.

CNN's Evan Perez reported Republicans funded the Christopher Steele dossier against Donald Trump. Turns out that was not true. The Washington Post reported reported the CDC would be banning the use of a host of words including “fetus” and “transgender.” That was wrong too. Writers like Becket Adams have exhaustive lists of everything the press has misreported about President Trump since his inauguration and the list keeps growing.

The press is not the enemy of the American people. But they are their own worst enemy. They are increasingly insular, live in leftwing bubbles, and are prone to lash out at criticism. They also, thanks to this editorial coordination, have given new ammunition to the President.

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Enemy "one that is antagonistic to another; especially : one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent" - Definition from Meriam Webster.

The bulk of the national press in this country consistently advocates against the second amendment, consistently provides positive pro abortion coverage and ignores both pro-life perspectives and arguments. Reporters consistently scoff and and demonstrate antagonism to the traditional christian values that form the moral foundation of this country. They demonstrably choose to run headlines and stories that support a divisive and destructive point of view. Finally they participate gladly in the abrogation of free speech in favor of their preferred speech.

So let's see. Anti constitution, pro killing children, anti christian values, pro partisanship. This sounds like the definition of an enemy to me.


Why do you still refer to them as The Press instead of as Die Lügenpresse like Hair Fuhrer demands?


i have posted this elsewhere, but i do believe it is pertinent

it seems an honest reporter is getting harder to find than an honest attorney, Doremus Jessup died a long time ago

'mainstream' is no longer the proper term they do NOT represent the mainstream thought of America

totally aligned with statism -on-the-potomac

have heard lamestream, my preference is goebbelized, but not enough people have any idea what i mean [small note, i have been using this some lately so far i have not been asked to explain]

factors i think have contributed to the downfall

media was always biased but they made no bones about it, often the leaning was advertised in the banner

they used to have some sense of shame, they might emphasize or shade facts, but they would not ignore or create their own [see comments about dan blather below]

even a medium size city would have several newspapers, providing some balance consolidation has removed nearly all of that

when dan blather ran the story of W's national guard papers, his own experts had already told him it was fake, [not forged, this was not a copy of anything] to me the fact he was willing to lie to make his narrative sound good is not the point nearly as much as the reaction of the rest of the press to his exposure. to any honest worker, dishonesty in his field should be reprehensible, if we see a headline about a judge taking bribes, our reaction is likely to be 'they needed a headline to tell us that?' it should ruin an honest judge's breakfast and woe betide anyone for the next year who even hints at a bribe there was NO reaction of that sort against blather or his network, indicating to me that any honest reporters/editors are being repressed. the complaints were against the whistleblower who exposed his perfidy


The press should stick with facts and stop with the opinion sections. However, human nature makes that harder than it should be.

Beyond this if you agree with most everything your news outlet is telling you, then it's biased. Fox News is every bit as biased as MSNBC, just in the opposite direction. CNN is all about the spectacle, the actual news is secondary.

So my approach is to focus on the data and try as hard as possible to ignore the commentary and opinion.

For anyone getting the bulk of their news from Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Breitbart, or RedState or Salon, STOP!

Find more neutral sites. Personally I find vice to consistently be better and just reporting on things, covering both sides, and keeping the opinion to a minimum.

As an example google for "vice news trump tariffs video". They covered both people helped and hurt by the tariff's and then tried to get experts to talk about the effect in total.

E.E. Bokbok
E.E. Bokbok

Fox News is the #1 most popular cable news outlet.

Breitbart,, etc. are among the most-trafficked news/politics websites on the Internet.

Talk radio is dominated by pro-Trump hosts (91% of talk radio minutes are pro-Trump by one study).

Sinclair Broadcasting, which reaches 38% of the US, forces its local affiliates to include "must run" pro-Trump propaganda every day.

By the numbers, the "MSM" is pro-Trump.

Trump isn't talking about the "mainstream" media when he talks about the media, he's talking about the Trump-critical media.