The President Was Right on This Point and Everyone Agreed Till Trump

Yes, there are third world s*holes. But that's also why the President gets it wrong.

Can we all admit there are some countries that are exactly as the President described them? I have been all over the world and there absolutely are third world s***holes none of you would want to live and a few of you reading actually fled from. This was not a controversial idea until he said what he said. It is a current American phenomenon that we all tend to agree on something until the President agrees or disagrees. Suddenly the commonly held sentiment becomes controversial and people break into their tribes.

The uncontroversial reality until 4:34pm on Thursday when the story made headlines is that yes, there are some third world s***holes out there and I don't see any of you rushing to go move there, but I do see a lot of people rushing to get out of those places and come here. The whole reason we give some immigrants temporary residency here under an immigration program is because their countries have gone to hell in a handbasket through war, corruption, or natural disaster and we do not want them to have to return as a matter of basic human concern for our fellow man.

But, of course, that's why the President gets it wrong too. We've always been a nation of people fleeing those third world poop holes looking for a better life. They come here and are proud to be here and raise their children as American patriots. It is what makes this country so unique. We have always taken the oppressed and poor and raised them up. In fact, African immigrants to this country have a higher rate of college graduation than natural born Americans and second generation African immigrants into this country have an even higher rate of college graduation than their white counterparts.

With a birthrate below the replenishment rate, the nation is either going to die out or we are going to open our arms to immigrants. And I'd much prefer we open our arms to those who want to be American with the American dream than to those who just want a job.

If the 'melting pot' analogy is still working in Germany (I'd check with Merkel about this btw) congratulations. In the USA, our nation has tried to outlaw the idea of a 'melting pot' altogether! It is not socially or in most cases legally, acceptable to require that immigrants even be legal, let alone assimilate as Americans!

Magared, if you have read much by Erick he's definitely a Conservative, and certainly not dumb. I am a liberal. I've disagreed with Erick before, and I believe we even had a few discussions on RedState (notable for allowing liberals who were honest about their affiliation and respectful that it was a Conservative home to politely debate. And even if not everyone was "polite" back, they all could and did back up their derision with logical reasons.

Oh, so ,any issues out of what is believed about what Trump said. Another jump to conclusions, to make Trump look bad, and maybe kill immigration reform. We have senators Cotton and Purdue saying Trump did not use the words in the private meeting. With the record with Senator Durbin and the friction between Graham and Trump, they are to believed without question? Are Haiti and the African countries part of the current dreamer and general immigration problem? Is the tie that Durbin uses in chain migration legitimize? Chain migration is racist because some slaves came to the country in chains? There is the humanitarian side of giving aid and immigration. But are the Democrats being truly being humanitarian or just protecting their backside? Haiti was really helped by the Clinton aid. It is one thing if the immigrants want to truly become Americans and U.S. citizens, but another if they just want to escape war and poverty, but bring all the other baggage and not assimilate.

Erick eloquently explained why he couldn't support Trump in another article here, and it's rooted in his faith. That doesn't mean he supports liberal values. It means he stands by his convictions even when they go against his human desire to defeat an enemy. He's called out the idiocy of the "Stable Genius Act" because it IS impossible to evaluate someone without examination, but he said he had similar concerns about "dangerous strains of nationalism" that made Robert Jay Lifton endorse "A Duty To Warn". Essentially Erick isn't going to allow what he perceives as unfair liberal tactics to go unchallenged, but he's also not going to compromise his views. And even if I disagree with Erick's view of government (I am a liberal after all), I admire people who act from conscience even when it's inconvenient. Perhaps that's because of me being a Quaker.

NYRed, I personally hadn't heard people suggesting the term "chain migration" was being called racist for that reason -- learn something new every day. But serious question with regards to immigrants petitioning for relatives to join them -- my first husband waa an immigrant, he'd already completed medical school in Germany before we met. It didn't last, but what I do remember was that he sent money home to his mother -- naturally, as her only child. She didn't have a desire to emigrate before her death (was very sad to learn about it, she was feisty and courageous through her multiple battles with cancer) because she perceived Germany's health care system to be better for her follow-ups. But while he was earning a salary as a resident, money was leaving our economy to help support her.

Sorry, realuzing you can't make paragraphs here ;) -- while he came because he preferred to practice here and had enjoyed his post-high school tour of the US prior to going to college, he still sent money back. Is it better to perhaps have family reunification to keep the money immigrants often send to relatives at hone, even ones who aren't in poorer countries? Especially if the family members either can work or are properly sponsored. I know about that fun financial affidavit -- I was glad he kept a job after our divorce or I'd have been on the hook for any expenses paid for him in benefits until he'd worked a full 40 quarters on record.

"They come here and are proud to be here and raise their children as American patriots." Well, that's PRECISELY the problem with the US now - they are NOT proud to be here and are NOT raising their children as American patriots. Assimilate? Not on your life - which they will gladly take once there are a plurality of them in the population.

Amen, Erick!

Flake, McCain, and Grahmnesty were never going to agree with Trump. Neither was the Bushie NWO Cartel of alien resettlements.

The problem with the president's alleged statement is not the immigration policy it broadly implies -- ie, we ought to be careful about what kind of individuals we are allowing to come into America. The problem is the ignorant, crass, low-class manner in which he expressed himself: typically boorish, needlessly vulgar and thus offensive AND distracting from the more important questions regarding America's immigration regime. Instead of continuing to straighten out our block-headed immigration system, we've spent days squabbling over a curse word that should have never been uttered and which, thus, would have never constituted a problem. (Btw, my remarks assume the president actually said this -- I know there is some debate about that, but I think the evidence is persuasive he spoke these words. If he DIDN'T make the "sh*thole" crack: a) horray! that's a relief; and b) the problem then becomes those who accepted that he DID say it and defended it in principle.)