The President Should Keep His Word

The President said he'd testify under oath. He should to deny Democrats ammunition in the 2018 elections.

President Trump's lawyers do not want President Trump to sit down with the Mueller investigators. They are wise to not want that. The President has a history of not quite being honest, even in depositions. Let's not forget he based his wealth on what he felt like.

But I think the President should keep his word. He has been very open about his willingness to sit with the Mueller team and, frankly, it will look like he has something to hide if he refuses. The President has the opportunity to put this matter behind him once and for all by providing a disciplined performance before the Mueller investigators. Failing to do so is just going to drag this out, raise questions about what he might be hiding, and provide Democrats additional ammunition with which to argue he collaborated with the Russians or should otherwise be impeached.

President Trump should keep his word. He said he would testify under oath. He should do just that.

Absolutely. I would have no problem testifying under oath about anything. There's nothing to lie about. If Trump is clean he should have the same attitude.

If Mueller is a Republican he would be part of the establishment or a RINO. Can we have people that are truthful until it is connected to a Clinton or Obama? Disgusted with the Democrats at the SOTU? Disgusted with Democrats saying they would approve the same bill for Obama and not Trump? You like: the tax refor;. the appointment of Gorsuch;, respect for the veterans and law enforcement; more religious freedom;, protecting the second amendment, realizing gun laws don't protect; creation of jobs and companies coming back to the U.S. Vote conservative Republican in the primaries, and Republican in the general election. Give the Republicans the sixty vote control for two years.

I would be foolish of the President o have a face to face under Oath with the Mueller "get him at any coast" Team. Mr. Mueller and his "Band of Gloomy men & women have demonstrated through word, deed and leaking that their real purpose has nothing to do with the phony made-up anything to do with the Trump/Russian Collusion Democrat inspired gotcha conspiracy. The investigation is a blueprint for IMPEACHMENT. What exactly has the Special Counsel accomplished. Indictment? 4 individuals who have NOTHING to do with COLLUSION. Finally, the Democrat Party is completely out of the closet. They are the un-American Party. They vividly demonstrated this FACT at the State of the Union Address and the Progressive dribble.at trough the LYING, DECEIVING and MISINFORM through its members and the many shills who march in lockstep to the Progressive dribble.

I don't see how that would work. Obstruction of justice is a major focus of the inquiry and President Trump only has himself to blame for that based on his firing of Comey and public statements.

Obstruction of justice, or lying to the FBI, is a crime regardless of whether the underlying act being investigated is ultimately determined to be a crime. In my opinion, this is really where the President has to accept responsibility for his own actions in botching the Comey firing and making all sorts of problematic public statements creating the potential appearance of obstruction. Trying to avoid cooperation, or just shutting down the investigation, will only make him look guilty. Find a way to cooperate, let the investigation run the course and move on.

Erick: I usually agree with much of what you write. But on this one, you have it totally wrong. Your opinion on this is naive at best. Nothing good can come from Trump testifying and any lawyer worth his or her salt will vehemently advise against it. Mueller is now looking for process crimes since he has nothing regarding collusion or obstruction so far on Trump. Ironic considering Mueller himself may be facing a serious investigation on him for his role in the uranium 1 deal - (look for that to come out soon folks). I have no love for Trump, but, Mueller is filthy IMHO and has no business "investigating" a menu at a local restaurant to see what he will have for dinner.

Uranium one is the new Benghazi

Erick, why would President Trump take your advice?

The FBI is leading a coup d'etet' against the president, the only thing they want from the president is to tell a circumstance a little different than the wiretap recorded a conversation so they can accuse him of lying to the coup oh FBI, he would be a fool to kgive them that pleasure.