The President's Immigration Compromise is Reasonable and Supportable

Yes, some will get citizenship. But there will be an overall reduction in immigration.

To be honest, the White House senior staffer who briefed several of us on this immigration plan sounded like he had a gun to his head. I expect there are victims of cannibals who were more enthused about being somone's meal that this staffer was about the number 1.8 million.

That is the number, a compromise multiple people at the White House would like it noted, that the President is comfortable giving citizenship to. They would be DACA recipients or DACA eligible people. The original number floated by people in the know was less than 700,000, but the White House expanded the DACA window and, concurrently, expanded the number of people eligible.

Democrats are already screaming that this is not enough and many of the President's supporters are screaming that it is too many. Senator Tom Cotton tells me he does not expect the President would ever agree to go higher, but I look at this is as a starting point for negotiation.

In any event, the plan overall is totally reasonable, totally responsible, and totally supportable.

The President will agree to citizenship for 1.8 million DACA recipients and, in return, Congress will give him real border security, increases in personnel for immigration and border security, border security on the Canadian border, an end to the Visa lottery and an end to chain migration.

Chain migration should not exist anyway. The President fully supports immigration of a nuclear family, but not all the relatives. That is reasonable. What is drawing complaints from conservatives on this is that the President is offering to grandfather in existing chain migration related visa applications. There are 3.6 million people in the backlog on this and it could potentially take more than a decade to process the whole backlog. As a friend of mine noted, by then Trump will be gone and there will probably be someone worse on immigration suddenly opening the gates again.

The President supports scrapping the Visa lottery and giving the total number of placements available over to a program to expedite immigration of highly skilled workers into the country.

Ultimately, the President might be granting citizenship to 1.8 million, but he wants to curtail the total number of immigrants coming into the country overall. This will pit him against pro-business Republicans and also a lot of Democrats. Also, I am unaware of what the status would be of parents to DACA recipients. But so far I like what I am hearing from the White House. I'm just skeptical anything can pass when the President's base will hate the citizenship bit and the left will hate so much of the rest of it.

I still think there should be a provision for Trump supporters to buy bricks for $100.00 a piece and build an actual, physical wall with them. That would mitigate costs to building a wall and I support a wall.

this is EXACTLY what I am thinking. We have been here before and President Reagan "compromised" with the democrats and the republicans got nothing. wasn't money for a wall appropriated decades ago? where is all that money? Oh nevermind. it is paying for all those who came because we never built the stinkin wall!!

When Ronald Reagan agreed to Amnesty for around 2.5 MILLION Illegals, was that going to end Illegal Immigration. The answer NO! Granting pathways to citizenship for Illegals who startup breaking the Law while NEVER securing the Border, stoping Chain Immigration, ending the Visa Lottery and doing NOTHING to punish those who come here legally and then overstay their Visa will not offer a good comprehensive Immigration policy. As was once said in a Wendy's commercial, "Where is the beef"?

Good article Erick.

Remember, this is the Dems "camel's nose in the tent" approach. There is a smelly derriere attached to it that Dems eventually want to come in to the tent. Their current railing and bluster is to make Repubs think they won with this one, drop their guard and when one or both Congress gatherings no longer owns the gavel, escort the rest of that camel in. Dems need the votes, will not stop until they get them. White elitists aren't having children, only way to hold the Dem vote is to bring them in from elsewhere - illegal immigrants be they refugees from any of the "s*hole" countries or sneaking across the border from the south. The plantation needs an infusion of indentured servants to keep it viable and fungible.

I suggest people go to Red State and read the article "Would Kevin DeLeon rather have Calif women raped than illegal alien criminals deported." The statistics stated there are absolutely breathtaking.

This is a good article on a possible solution. There needs to be some solution to the DACA problem as well as some solution to the immigration problem. Railing about Trump's possible broken promises does not provide a solution. Congress does not want and probably will not provide a solution. If there is a reform of our immigration, then the Democrats will lose one of their major talking points about standing for the illegals and Republicans will lose campaigning about immigration reform. On to the details: I am opposed to ever giving the parents of DACA individuals any path to citizenship and part of the path for the DACA must be the identification of their parents (or at least how they got here). They should be a time limit of when they can apply. At the very least we should let our Senators and Representatives know how we feel.

Rewarding lawbreaking, even by parents of grandparents, simply encourages more. I have therefore opposed any forms of amnesty for years. Reagan agreed to a blanket amnesty in 1986, the Democrats then walked away from their end of the deal, and it led directly to the disaster we have today. I get that few people will support deporting all the Dreamers. I also get the fact this is the only country they have even known in many (not all) cases. Therefore, I am open to a compromise that might grant some kind of permanent residency with no possibility of citizenship unless they were to leave the country and apply for legal entry. And that would only be for the 700,000 and not for an expanded number. I don't play politics. I try to side with the law and a sense of right and wrong. I know rewarding lawbreaking is wrong. I also want to see chain migration ended, I want to see birthright citizenship ended, I want sanctuary cities punished, I want mandatory use of E-Verify, I want an end to drug and human trafficking, and above all I want the border secured by whatever means are most effective regardless of cost.

How right you are!! DACA Dreamers must go -- not stay in America to later become citizens and Democrat voters!! Hopefully Pres. Trump will see the danger in this current idea and go back to the logical (AND moral AND legal) position of DEPORTING EVERYONE WHO IS IN AMERICA ILLEGALLY!

How is this fair to all of the ones who have come here legally and paid the time and money to do it the right way? I'm very sorry that their parents brought them here but let the parents deal with it not all us of here legally. Mexico probably doesn't want them back because they have tasted what a republic is like and would go back to Mexico and demand change.