The President's Greatest Asset is People Like You

The President's popularity lives in a symbiotic relationship with the insane histrionics of the left.

Rasmussen, which has had the President at 50% for a while, is rarely right on the number, but has always been pretty good at detecting the trend. And the trend has been that President Trump is gaining some support. It may be soft and it may be fleeting, but it is there. And the trend always seems to happen when two events collide. The President's critics are beside themselves yelling about him and the President, during that time, does something Presidential.

It seems to me that the President's support based on the economy is mostly baked in. So the President's gains in support come when liberals spook America. They tend to spook America by being very honest about their desires to grab all the guns, indoctrinate all our kids into secular, anti-Christian ideology, and their desires to spend even more than the GOP while jacking up taxes massively. Throw those three out along with some serious "Impeach Trump" rhetoric and suddenly the President's polling goes up. He bombs a country or otherwise acts presidential and his polling goes up a bit more.

But then the polls go down. They tend to go down because the President then loses it on Twitter savaging those he views as his critics. It reminds people he can be a bit insane and he spooks them. Overall though, it is a symbiotic relationship and the President's polling would never go up to begin with if the left were not setting their hair on fire on a daily basis. The left really is the President's greatest asset.

The President has shown repeatedly he cannot help but take the bait. I don't know that the left can help itself either. And as long as the left can't help but take the bait, they're going to help the President get re-elected. After all, what's going to happen in 2020? I bet it won't be an older white guy like Joe Biden getting the Democratic nomination. Biden could possibly beat Trump. He has extraordinary good will with minority communities and blue collar communities who voted Obama then jumped to Trump. But by 2020, Biden will be too establishment for the Democrats.

Instead, the Democrats' nominee will be a transgender feminist Wiccan with two husbands who identify as wives and xe will want all your guns while actively pushing to a federal program to teach your kindergarteners how to have anal sex while wrapping marijuana inside pages of Bible to smoke as joints so the kids can burn the book while getting high. The Democrats will love it and it'll get Donald Trump re-elected winning the popular vote. But the left will feel smugly superior that their candidate lost to bigotry and it'll just embolden them further.

Ooohh! sick burns Erick. But i wonder if you left out a few parties to the action? Evangelicals - sitting on their hands to the sound of crickets as 'their' president pays off hookers ("it was 12 years ago, only the last 11 count!"). Conservatives, like Raffy Cruz - voting for massive spending increases because, well, it's an election year. and lastly, Retiring republicans - a bold group, having recently acquired spines, calling it like they see it for their CNN interviews.

"Whoever is dumbest last loses" - Todd Erzen

No, Trump's greatest asset is the Democrats, just as the Democrats' greatest asset is Trump. "Da peepul" are irrelevant to both of them.