The point of the Presidential address is meaningless to the Trump supporters and to the Anti-Trump crowd. But the people on the fence are the ones this was for. It was to convince them that more is going on that the mainstream mafia.. err, I mean media, is letting them know about. Maybe it will bring them to the correct side, or realize they are more in line with the correct side than they thought. Perhaps it may bring them to look deeper into the things that are going on instead of being led by the nose by a corrupt news channel. That is what is for and it is useful for that reason.

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Well said, fellow Tennessean. Trump used the address to great effect, and it is high time it happened, but it was his first SOTU, and I expect he will repeat it, often. It was a long speech, but it appears to have been an effective one. It was great to see him use "We", instead of "I", the previous possessor of the White House, used, wasn't it?