The Passengers Are to Blame Too for the Dead Dog on the United Flight

That none would stand up for the dog, even while they could hear it, is a pretty damning indictment of more than United

United is getting a lot of blame for the death of a small dog that a flight attendant insisted be put in an overhead…

But the reality is that if a flight attendant told me to stuff my dog in an overhead compartment, I would demand off the flight. Perhaps the person involved did not understand the risks, but there were other passengers around who could hear the dog. If I was a passenger on a flight in that situation, even if it was not my dog, I'd have spoken up. It is an inappropriate location for a dog to be stored. My understanding is that the pet's owner was frazzled and with kids and didn't want to fight the fight. I've been there and done that. But my dog is like a family member and, even so, surely there was someone else on the plane willing to stand up for the frazzled parent and the dog. But there was not.