The Most Laughable Part of the Trump-Russia Story

You guys know the story — Trump campaign staffers spoke to someone in Russia who had damaging information on Hillary Clinton. That story has morphed into a new story that has no evidence, i.e. Trump campaign staffers colluded with Russians to steal the election.

What is so laughable about this is everyone forgetting Christopher Steele. Steele is the British spy who compiled the dossier on Donald Trump with information designed to hurt Trump.

The left is now screaming, when I point this out, that the British are not the Russians. The British are our friends and the Russians are our enemies.

And there is the punchline. I remember distinctly all the open ridicule from the left when Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin both warned of Russia. To the extent Russians became an enemy, it would have happened under Barack Obama’s watch at the exact same time the Democrats were telling us there was nothing to worry about.

That makes the whole situation laughable now.