The Media Is Covering For Bad People

We are overdue for an avalanche of reports on politicians, athletes, musicians, and reporters behaving badly.

Jeff Zucker, when he thought no one was looking, made jokes about Matt Lauer masturbating and being under his desk. In public, Zucker, who is now the head of CNN, says this was not the Lauer he knew. In fact, it appears Ann Curry, Natalie Morales, Savannah Guthrie, Katie Couric, Al Roker, and more knew something. But they say they never knew. They knew. And let's not forget NBC scuttled Ronan Farrow's story about Harvey Weinstein.

Speaking of Weinstein, gossip columnists knew. Hollywood stars knew. Various reporters in New York and Washington knew. But they never said anything. Right now, in Hollywood, there is an actual, factual pedophile scandal brewing. If the gossip blogs are to be believed, there is also a David Geffen scandal coming, but people are afraid he may bring down half of Hollywood so it moves slow. And it may be a scandal tied to a potential Bryan Singer story if all these blogs are to be believed. What is whispered about by gossip blogs is no doubt known by major reporters at major outlets.

The media is covering for bad people.

ABC News is owned by Disney and the Mouse's House has its own problems. Look at the number of former and current Disney Channel stars having crises, drug problems, etc. and you can easily conclude there's something abusive going on there causing these kids to deteriorate mentally and emotionally. Add on top the Anthony Edward's admission that he was molested by Gary Goddard and tie that to the claims against Goddard and Bryan Singer by Michael Egan and there are all sorts of red flags shooting up all over the place.

The media is covering for bad people.

Now turn and observe the media's coverage of politics. Many reporters who beat the drum repeatedly against Roy Moore have largely ignored Al Franken until the could not. They are out to get Donald Trump, but turn a blind eye toward many Democrats and Hollywood figures. The media is covering for bad people and focusing on others as distractions. News reporters should cover the Roy Moore situation and the Al Franken situation, but they should also cover the Matt Lauers, etc. And again, those stories are only coming out now because a few brave people were finally willing to speak up.

As the media crusades against the Roy Moores of the world, just remember they are also covering for bad people. And there are a lot more names that should come out in politics, the music industry, and professional sports. But many of the reporters in those industries still depend on access in the way less and less of Hollywood does.

What about the "female" molesters? Not a peep! Why? Could "this" be because the "secret" objective is to so paint the males as so "horrendously horrible" that this is but the prelude to our next President being a female? Sure seems to me like a "laying the groundwork" is full speed ahead. That said, how about Michelle Obama? Seems to me this choice would be a kind of "shoe-in". Americans, generally speaking, are this stupid!

pftspd, I think you have discovered a thread that needs unravelling. I don't think it's for a woman president, but something more nefarious; it carries the stench of evil.

Is a double standard on sexual issues any worse then the double standard of justice of the FBI and DOJ? Actions between consenting adults is one thing, but change when minors are involved. Adults should protect minors. What level of proof do we need for sexual crimes? So many lives can be destroyed on both sides. False statements are not tied to gender or race. Is it right to have a slush fund paid for by the taxpayers for deeds of elected officials? How did Hillary and her people not get charged for perjury? National security is not a private matter. She and the DNC were extremely careless , (actually gross negligent) with security matters. They destroyed evidence close to the time of investigation. Asking the wrong question can bring a wrong answer. Mueller was involved in the uranium sale. Comey was inconsistent on matters of confidentiality. Trump has not been perfect in the past, but should he be attacked now for being pro-life, appointing conservative judges, being against gun control, returning some religious liberty, cutting taxes, creating jobs and other items? So far nothing of importance has been proven against Trump, but more has been revealed about Hillary.

I think it's going to be Pocahontas in 2020. Bernie will be too old.