The Left Would Be Fine With a Dictator Other Than Trump

They just don't like Donald Trump's policies. But they already like dictatorial​ progressives.

With Cass Sunstein's new book out, Can It Happen Here?, the left is in hysteria about Donald Trump the dictator. What is so notable about this is that they think Trump is dictator like because of his mean tweets. He has done very little dictatorial. They may not like his DACA approach, but there is nothing illegal or even dictatorial about it. They just have policy disagreements with him.

The reality though is that much of the left has repeatedly shown its willingness to embrace totalitarianism and authoritarianism. They may hate Trump, but they'd be glad to set up their own dictator and I suspect they'd do so in the name of protecting the nation from another Donald Trump.

Consider that in California the state is trying to force faith based pregnancy centers to advertise for abortion. The left defends this claiming that abortion is a right and they've decided not that these pregnancy centers are wrong, but that they are bad. They want to use the power of the state to impose their will. And they will justify it because they view killing kids as a constitutional right.

Or consider transgenderism. The left is willing to force boys into girls' bathrooms and call you a bigot if you disagree and force your business to comply. You are not allowed to opt out. There is no room for disagreement, regionalism, or federalism. The left will impose its views with the help of courts and a dictatorial, heavy handed government in the name of rights.

We see the same with gay rights and forcing Christian businesses out of business if they refuse to participate. The left claims it is all about rights and discrimination when, in fact, they are trampling over the free exercise clause of the First Amendment and are themselves discriminating against Christians. They just think they are discriminating for a good cause.

And therein lies the problem. The left, from the communists to their kissing cousins the Nazis who the left pretends were right wingers, have always used the state to impose their will on others in the name of rights and protections from the other. While the American left is more benign here, they're still happy to shut down your business if you don't bow to their progressive agenda. They're happy to treat Antifa as part of their coalition. They're happy to deal with Louie Farrakhan until too exposed. They're happy to claim they're battling fascism, while behaving as fascist. They're glad to embrace intolerance in the name of tolerance.

They claim to be doing it all for the greater good, the more greatly oppressed, and the cause, whatever that cause may be. Certainly the ones who would welcome the dictator are in the minority, but the left gives its loudest voices, no matter how small a part of the coalition, outsized influence. And that's the problem.

The American left looks at Donald Trump and sees a dictator because they really dislike him. So when their dictator comes along, they'll gladly embrace him because he is not Donald Trump and will promise to protect us all from another Trump. And as they're willing to shut down free speech for safe spaces and Christian businesses for gay weddings already, they'll be willing to go further in the next round.

There is not a leftwing American citizen in this country who has seen his rights eradicated by Donald Trump. But there are a growing list of Christian businesses out of business because of the left's benign totalitarianism. There are homeschool parents in states that constantly see their abilities to teach their kids curtailed. There are individuals chased from college campuses unable to speak. There are students driven from classes for failing to agree. And there are protests for the liberal cause du jour where students who opt out are punished. And it's all for the greater good, you bigot. How dare you question it.

Libs should like Donald Trump's policies - tax increases (tariffs), ObamaCare preservation, single-payer, "infrastructure" boondoggles, trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, a "transgenderized" military, etc. Which is to say, it's not about Donald Trump's policies, it's about pure, undiluted, irrational tribalism.

The left is happy when their reprobate abuses his office, and the right with Trumprobate. How do we stop the race to the bottoom?

The left, from the communists to their kissing cousins the Nazis who the
left pretends were right wingers,

I'm sorry but this is nonsense ... while the Nazis are difficult to pin down on a left/right axis (Hitler & co self-identified as a third way movement), the traditional Nazism-equals-rightwing-extremism definition makes more sense. Why? Because the main driving factor was extreme and exclusive blood-and-soil nationalism rather than economic class conflicts across national borders.

If you check American neo-nazi websites such as the Daily Stormer, they clearly self-identify as right wingers who in quite a few cases enthusiastically support Trump too. They do not sympathize with left wing Democrats at all. Now, this is not in any way the fault of respectable right wingers, mind you (most leading GOP politicians denounce neo Nazis after all). I do think the correct definition is what the Nazis THEMSELVES are thinking today, though.

You would tread a very slippery slope. American Nazis, klaners, and the so called white supremacists are a minute group and as such any of their websites are the opinions of minute followers. Here is a nice discourse of Nazi vs Communist and left and right. https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/was-fascism-right-wing-again-jonah-goldberg/

I think we should have the right to deport all progressives; that would make us as a nation more like we were the first two centuries of our existence.