The Left's Latest Ridiculous Outrage

Mick Mulvaney has dared to call his bureau by its given name.

Mick Mulvaney, as interim head of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, is making the left mad for daring to call the organization by that name instead of by the name Elizabeth Warren gave it, which was the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

It may seem silly, but Mulvaney has a point.

Public Law 111-203 is Dodd-Frank in final, legal form. That legislation established the bureau and Congress itself named the bureau the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. See for yourself at section 1001. That is the legal name of the entity and if Congress wanted it otherwise, Congress could have called it something different.

The left views it as an affront to the agency to call it by its given name and are attacking Mulvaney for daring to follow the law. It's all about branding and veneer to them, not about the law. It's a ridiculous outrage in an age of ridiculous outrages.

Is that quote about donating money to you from Mick himself??

You are truly an idiot.


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