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The Left is Playing With Fire Here

Activist judges are setting precedents that the other side will use to enact revenge. This ends well for none of us.

A judge in San Francisco has just ruled that President Trump cannot stop the DACA program that even Barack Obama said he had no authority to do. A three judge panel in North Carolina has thrown out redistricting efforts claiming they benefit Republicans.

Meanwhile, there are a massive number of vacancies in the federal judiciary that Donald Trump is filling with conservatives. Democrats may think conservatives are activist judges, but they haven't seen anything yet. If leftwing appointees are going to insert themselves into the political affairs of the other branches, we are going to see an all out war in the judiciary.

These are terrible precedents by members of the Resistance masquerading as objective jurists. They will be precedents used by conservatives to enact payback over time. This does not end well for any of us.

Didn't the ruling quote a Trump-Tweet in its decision? If so, hey--good!

Erick we are in an all out for the Judicial Branch.This is why despite his baggage we had to get behind Trump to prevent Hillary from owning the Judiciary.Erick I understand why you think Trump is uncouth and a barbarian and that Evangelical Christians should not have voted for him,but these judges are the exact reason why we need him and you need to get off your high horse and support him.By the way you called for more District Judges?Well the good news is tomorrow you are getting one for the Northern District of Ga.Trump ain’t perfect and to be honest I want him to announce he is not running for Re Election and just focus on getting conservative things done between now and then and leave a winner.Thenks for your forum

The ruling in a circuit court should apply only to that circuit, not the whole country.

The reference to judges being conservative or liberal is misleading. A conservative judge is often related to being Republican and a liberal judge being related to leaning democrat, but in reality a conservative judge is one who rules by the constitution and law. A liberal judge is one who rules by prejudices. All judges should be what is considered conservative or unbiased.

Court decisions against policy should go back to congress or the legislature, they are the writers of law. The ninth circuit or circus has the most reversals of any U.S. Court. The courts don't have enough information on issues of national security to make intelligent decisions. In the case of DACA even Obama said he was breaking the rules. The rule change allowing one senator to stop a nomination is a start. Obama's expertise of the U.S. Constitution was the speed of the courts and congress to act. Trump had the power to end DACA but he threw it back to congress where it belongs. When something is written to last ninety days or less the courts should stay out of it.