The Jared Kushner – Russia Story Sounds Like No Big Deal Outside Trump Derangement Syndrome

Inside Trump Derangement Syndrome, Steve Bannon Kellyanne Conway Mike Flynn Paul Manafort Ross Tillerson Jeff Sessions Jared Kushner is suspected of having plotted with the Russians to steal the American election and share classified American intelligence.

In the light least favorable to the President and his family, which is the courtesy expected by much of the media, left, and even some Republicans these days, we are to presume nefariousness, deviousness, and cheating in all things Trump related. So when word came that Jared Kushner had reached out to the Russians looking for secret contacts and conversations with the Russian leadership, we are supposed to presume that he was plotting treason. If you do not believe he was plotting treason, then you too might be aiding and abetting the Russians, you traitor.