The Hannity News Was Big Because the Comey News Bombed. Plus, the Shocking Bit.

The media quickly pivoted to Sean Hannity when James Comey decided he didn't think Trump should be impeached.

I have no idea why Michael Cohen listed Sean Hannity as an undisclosed third client and if there really was a…

I suspect we may hear more about this story. Cohen noted in his legal filings that he represented seven people providing "strategic advice and business consulting" and another three on other issues. One was Trump, who he represented in the Stormy Daniels matter, another is Elliott Broidy who Cohen represented in a deal to spend over a million dollars killing his child with a Playboy playmate. The third is Sean Hannity. The left is, by virtue of Cohen's filings, trying to claim Hannity's issues are more like Trump and Broidy instead of the other seven. It is a subtle form of character assassination they'll gleefully engage in because Sean is a conservative talk radio host with a show on Fox.