The Hannity News Was Big Because the Comey News Bombed. Plus, the Shocking Bit.

The media quickly pivoted to Sean Hannity when James Comey decided he didn't think Trump should be impeached.

I have no idea why Michael Cohen listed Sean Hannity as an undisclosed third client and if there really was a substantive attorney-client relationship there, then Hannity should have disclosed it. But Sean says Cohen is someone he has bounced legal advice off of for a while. Sean, last year, called me to thank me for something and got to talking about Trump. He offered to connect me to Cohen at the time. I declined, but I know those two have known each other a long time. They have a long standing relationship that existed well before the Presidential campaign.

I suspect we may hear more about this story. Cohen noted in his legal filings that he represented seven people providing "strategic advice and business consulting" and another three on other issues. One was Trump, who he represented in the Stormy Daniels matter, another is Elliott Broidy who Cohen represented in a deal to spend over a million dollars killing his child with a Playboy playmate. The third is Sean Hannity. The left is, by virtue of Cohen's filings, trying to claim Hannity's issues are more like Trump and Broidy instead of the other seven. It is a subtle form of character assassination they'll gleefully engage in because Sean is a conservative talk radio host with a show on Fox.

By the way, Sean Hannity says his most formal issue with Michael Cohen is real estate matters. That's all.

And that's all we know. We have Hannity's word and we have a lot of people eager to move on from the James Comey story. It was a ratings success on Sunday night for ABC, but then people heard the interview. What we got was a bunch of old news and one bit of new news that is very inconvenient for the left.

James Comey thinks Donald Trump is a blight on the presidency, a stain on everyone around him, immoral, and unfit for office. He thinks Donald Trump treats women like pieces of meat and draws moral equivalence to white supremacists. Okay. So what's new? That was all well litigated in 2016 and Trump won anyway. The Access Hollywood tape was out and big news and Trump still won. All Comey revealed was that he has very conventional, coastal elite views on Donald Trump. That's not new.

What is new is what is shocking. James Comey does not think Donald Trump should be impeached. He thinks he should be voted out of office. Comey said he does not think Trump is mentally unfit or crazy. But this is the thing that really does stand out. Despite what Comey knows about Donald Trump that he is not saying publicly and despite what the former FBI Director knows about the Trump campaign and Russians, he does not think Donald Trump should be impeached.

Despite the bluster and yelling, it appears even James Comey believes there is no there, there in the Russian collusion investigation. So let's talk about Sean Hannity.

I don't know what Mr. Hannity was discussing privately with Mr. Cohen, but it's quite clear that the government agents are the ones with that private information now, technically privileged or not. I just got back from visiting Anne Frank's and Corrie ten Boom's homes in Holland. I thought we were better than to do such things to people, to out people so as to send them to death camps. Not so sure now.


This is all much ado about nothing, except for one thing: Hannity's violation of media/journalism ethics 101. I've been in this profession for a long time, and if any of my reporters covered a story or commented on someone they had a conflict of interest with, that reporter would at least be removed from the story. More likely, they would be written up or fired. Hannity's real sin is the failure to disclose the relationship.

Why should Sean Hannity have disclosed a legal relationship? What "sin" is it that Mr. Hannity has committed? Attorney/client relationship is private information. Just because Hannity is simply a talk show host. He's not a politician and his personal relationships with a lawyer that just so happens to represent the President of the United States is none of our damned business. I fail to see why he should have disclosed this information to anyone?


Yeah, it's not like he had any journalistic ethics or integrity to begin with, so what's the big deal? I mean, who on Earth is saying, "Whoa, you mean Hannity might be biased?!?"

While not a Hannity fan, it's clear to everyone Hannity is a commentator, not a journalist. He's been quite honest on that point. Now if you want to talk about NBC, ABC or CBS news, they've been quite dishonest for decades presenting, even declaring, themselves unbiased when it's patently obvious they have an agenda.


Amen! As we said growing up, it’s nunya, as in nunya business!


I stopped watching Hannity some time ago, when it became apparent he was in the “Trump is never wrong and can do no evil” camp. That he has a long-standing relationship (real estate or anything else) with Michael Cohen is of a piece with turning a blind eye to Trump's shortcomings as a decent human being.

I don't get it. What is the issue if Sean Hannity were a client of Cohen? I don't see anything illegal or a conflict of interest there. Am I missing something? This looks like what they call a nothing burger to me.


That "rule" only applies to conservative journalism. The MSM is free to make up news and enlist "undisclosed sources" and twist history as it sees fit.


Another slow news day?

Didn't vote for Trump and think Hannity is one of the worst blathering twits ever - "Sean Hannity was making a really interesting point on his show," said no one ever - but isn't in odd how Cohen's offices got raided and within a week the press was filled with details about what was seized? It's as if Adam Schiff was part of the FBI and leaking confidential information to the press.


It's pretty common for an attorney to chat with a friend about a legal matter in a fairly superficial way, and then say, if the situation calls for it, "This is something that calls for a professional relationship. I'll send you an engagement letter." It's like saying to a friend who is a doctor "Do you think this looks serious?" and the doc says no, don't worry, or yes, you need to have that looked at. First case, no doctor-patient relationship. Second case, doctor-patient relationship when the person goes to see a doctor for that issue. The Left is so frantic to shift attention away from Comey and his lying and involvement in shady dealings and so eager to find someone else they can screech about, they are trying to make a big deal out of nothing. As for Lefties whining about journalistic ethics, that is really funny. Hannity is, as has been noted, not on television as a journalist. He is an opinion commentator, has always said so. Fox has both---opinion people like Hannity and Ingraham, and news people who simply report what has happened. The difference between Fox and the other stations is that Fox identifies its people according to their roles, instead of portraying opinion people as journalists. They are different categories of on-air personalities. If the Left is suddenly going to become sensitive to journalistic integrity they are going to destroy the careers of nearly every talking head on any alphabet "news" show as well as people like Tom Brokaw and Diane Sawyer, just to name two. Scarborough and Mika will be history. Be careful of what you wish for, Liberals.


"All Comey revealed was that he has very conventional, coastal elite views on Donald Trump" ... "coastal elite?" Lol... you mean like TheResurgent and RedState? ... and in particular Erick Erickson?

For that matter, Sean Hannity lives in NY (Long Island isn't it?... on the coast?), makes $36 million / year, and has the same lawyer as the president of the US. Sounds like kind of an elite crowd. Even a coastal elite crowd. ;^)

Would it be ok if Trump paid Shammity? Would that be something he should mention on his "show"?

Should we also take Cohen at his word when he argued to the judge that Sean should not be revealed because it would be "embarrassing" to his client? What's embarrassing about real estate advice?

It would be par for the course for the media, considering what a revolving door exists between the Democrats and the other networks. But I suppose that's okay, because they're not bad people, right?

It is really "Much ado about nothing".

Who did you vote for? A lot of blathering twits (hint, hint), but Hannitys not one of 'em.