The Gun Control Debate Is On Hiatus

A school shooting in Kentucky happened and the media coverage has already moved on to other things.

It never really goes away, but it looks like the left has given up for now. My guess is that the political activists on the left realize it is an off putting debate to have in parts of the country they want to win in November. I just think it is telling that we had a school shooting in Kentucky just a couple of days ago and the media coverage has largely passed it by.

Part of that is because the shooting happened in Kentucky away from television cameras. But I cannot help but notice how quickly the media coverage moved on to other things instead of lingering as happened during the Obama years. Two students were killed, eighteen were wounded, and the shooter is in custody. Having the shooter alive and able to explain himself should be worthy of ongoing coverage, but the press has mostly left this all alone.

That this happened during Shot Show in Vegas, making it a perfect tie in to attack the gun industry, makes it even more notable that the media and left have already moved on from the story.

The left has decided to give it a rest. But make no mistake about it. Should the Democrats take back Congress, they'll be in fully swing trying to curtail the second amendment.

@NWRED we've lost respect for life? When was this golden age when we had more respect for life? The 1928 Bath Township school massacre as still not been surpassed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bath_School_disaster

I was talking about abortion and euthanasia. Some will disagree, but when God and prayer were kicked out of the schools. I was in school when guns were in cars while on school grounds. With all the drugs and bullying there needs to be an adult that will protect the students using anything available. All student killings are bad, but we need to stop massacres. Guns are only one of many types of weapons. There has always been some degree of violence. Stopping violence has to be in the mind and heart, laws can only penalize.


Wow, “thoughts and prayers,” you must be a poet to come up with such an original thought. No, you guys won. We give up. This is the world you made for us. As Eric used to say, you will be made to obey. So we are. But this is now a feature, not a bug. I am sure you are all very proud.

So if we can get doctors to perform abortions with guns will that make abortion okay?

More innocent blood sacrifices to lay at the feet of the idol of gun rights. How many more should be sacrificed until we all feel safe? (Or is it all just to have our well-regulated militia? Or a hobby?)