The Emancipation Proclamation was signed by Abraham Lincoln 155 years ago on New Years Day. So much has been made of it and there is so much to it, but so many people also have the wrong idea about it. This is a good thread on Twitter about it. https://twitter.com/ClintSmithIII/status/947926498920554496

Good read. Thanks for posting.

Let's add a few things... Lincoln offered for the South to keep slavery "forever" if they would rejoin the Union. He was a life-long supporter of colonization, and even sent about 400 blacks to an island off of Haiti where they died from smallpox and starvation. He only stopped because of public outcry. Lincoln was no friend to blacks, and for the life of me, I don't understand why they idolize him so. The EP was a political and military move. It was NOT an executive order (which is why it's called a 'proclamation'). Had it been, it would have applied to all slaves in all states. I could go on about this, but it would take another article. Bottom line is people are so ignorant about Lincoln, about the EP, and about the war, but they'll argue you down about it having never read a word about it other than what was in their high school textbook. I appreciate the opportunity to read more about it, make my little comments, and have it noted that people's ideas about it all are not what we've been taught. Thanks!

My question; What difference is there between slavery( was over for the most part before the civil war) on a farm and the slavery of the ghetto in a city which is perpetuated to this day?