The Democrats Have an Age Problem

The youngest Democratic leader in the House is older than Donald Trump. The progressives are not happy.

One of the things not said, but implied, in many of the recent stories about Democrat in-feuding is that there is an age problem within the ranks of the Democrats, particularly on the House side. The top Democratic leaders in the House are all older than Donald Trump who himself is the oldest man elected President.

On the committees within the House, most of the Republican chairmen are fifteen to twenty years younger than their Democratic counterparts. The younger Democrats in the House are tired of all the House Democratic senior citizens, and their old people smell. They want to be in charge. After all, if you are a progressive, you have no real loyalty to or sense of history. The old are not entitled to respect by virtue of rank or seniority. So to see guys like John Conyers hanging on and Pelosi defending him really gets them angry. There is a growing rebellion in the ranks of the young Democrats in Congress.

The media, of course, is sensitive to this because many of the political reporters in DC now are younger and more connected to their progressive friends in the House. As a result, we should not expect Pelosi and senior Democrats to go unscathed. Most of the political reporters would rather the younger, more savvy Democrats be in charge. When this finally gets out into the open, we should expect a downpour of claims and accusations from each side.

The side that matters, though, is the donor class of the Democratic Party. While the most visible faces from Hollywood to Tom Steyer are decidedly of the far left, the bulk of the donors are not and they fear the young progressives, with their urban elitism, will harm the Democrats' efforts to take back Congress.

Pelosi, given her words today on Meet the Press about John Conyers, has probably accelerated this fight within the Democratic Party. It is going to be fun to watch.

No. 1-1

As long as Hillary is above ground (make no mistake - she still intends to be President!) no young / up-and-coming Dem is going to dare stick his or her head above the parapet... Arkancide, you know. It's a real thing. ANY young Dem who gains prominence at this point is putting life at risk. And they all know it... (JFK Jr., anyone?)