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The Circle of Jerks Doesn't Really Care About the John McCain Story

The Kelly Sadler statement about John McCain isn't really the big story in this.

The circle of jerks, that is the Washington political press that goes whichever way the lefty talking points blow in their quest for conventional wisdom, do not really care about a White House staffer's statement about John McCain in a private meeting. This is the same circle of jerks that was willing to push out Democratic hits against John McCain for being old, etc. in 2008. They really don't care. They are just trying to man the furnace of the outrage machine that drives clicks and churns profit.

Look, here's my quick take on the whole thing: it was a private meeting where Kelly Sadler stated the obvious truth too bluntly. John McCain is going to die and he is not going to go back to the Senate. That's a statement of fact. But, based on press reports, it seems Sadler was not just stating that fact, but casting it out insultingly. That is unfortunate and ghoulish, if true, but this White House is presided over by a man who insulted McCain for saying he didn't like men who were captured.

Trump set the tone and Sadler just fits in. This is neither new nor worth getting outraged about. This story has only lasted as long as it has to distract from the President successfully moving the embassy to Jerusalem and successfully getting North Korea to proceed towards serious talks.

The real story here is that White House staffers are leaking to undermine each other, for giggles, and seem to have no idea how to behave to support their President. Likewise, I'm sure some is malicious to undermine the White House. That is the real story. Paragons of conventional wisdom within the circle of jerks may think otherwise, but it is the story. This White House, after more than a year, still leaks in ways that undermine its mission and messaging and these leaks are coming from a communications team.

The McCain stuff really isn't anything out of the ordinary for this White House. Of course, neither are the leaks. But the latter is the real problem.

The white house is worse than high school with gossip.

The problem is that white house staffers should feel free to speak their minds bluntly. So having a lot of distrust and back biting seems more likely to shut down conversation than start it.

Then again, Trump might like you more for being mean to McCain. So I don't know.

'The McCain stuff really isn't anything out of the ordinary for this White House. ' Which is it, Erick? Is the Left promoting this story or is it Trump? I agree with what you started to write; that is, that the statement was distasteful but was not said at a pulpit. Then it went quickly to Trump and his behavior and something about leaks: they are bad but the staff does it for giggles. Oh, and Trump is uncouth (the usual stuff).

North Korea is not "proceeding towards serious talks". And even if it were, Trump wouldn't have "gotten" them to, since it was Kim who ego-stroked the notion of an impromptu summit to him - which ought to make the talks not being "serious" obvious. As to Sadlergate, that reflects on Trump, as does his White House's refusal to simply issue a perfunctory apology and move on instead of mindlessly digging in its heels and "fighting" it.

The story of John Mc Cain is one for the past. Since a person in congress has no back up, McCain should resign now, so the people can select yis replacement during a regular election. Military service should not be a negative but not always a plus. The campaign of 2008 was almost dead until Rudy dropped out. The four or five more conservative split the vote. According to McCain it was bipartisanship, but it was caving to Obama. Coming from Arizona did not make him a Goldwater conservative. He escaped from the Keating Five scandal. The hate for Trump could be making him blind for what is good for the country.

The scum/slime bar is set so low in the white house, they can say anything about anybody, even including using the N word, and get a pass!!! It's become the Kardaschian white house and to many people love it!!!

"This is neither new nor worth getting outraged about." What was that phrase that Limbaugh always used?... Oh yeah, "defining deviancy down." ... and regarding this: "successfully getting North Korea to proceed towards serious talks" ... Oh, boy, that didn't age well, did it? I'm actually shocked you'd go there given the North Korean regime's history. I guess foolhardy wishful thinking can get the best of us.