The Bulwark Launches

Some of the Weekly Standard gang get the new site online

Bill Kristol and Charlie Sykes have launched The Bulwark, with the slogan "conservatism conserved." They have brought over a number of the writers from the Weekly Standard after Phil Anschutz and Ryan McKibben treated it like Planned Parenthood treats babies.

There are not many, if any sites, that are fully invested in being against Trump from the right. Most of the voices who have taken that position have become progressive, veering left on any issue where Trump actually takes the conservative position. The Bulwark seems to be positioning itself as unapologetically opposed to Trumpism, but still conservative.

Both Bill and Charlie undoubtedly been champions of cultivating solid conservative thought and grown up public policy. It'll be interesting to watch the course they chart moving forward with The Bulwark. God speed to them.

No. 1-1

Out of morbid curiosity, I checked the site out. I'll save you the trouble of wondering what the 'new direction' is going to be-- to borrow a line from history, "They had learned nothing and forgotten nothing.” This is most evident in the article on the front page glad-handing Romney while ignoring the myriad problems with choosing him as their standard-bearer. (Which is especially hypocritical given they accuse those who support the President of doing the same.) Romney had his shot in 2012, and took the fall for reasons if known, most likely don't matter (Gray's law: Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice). He now comes crawling into the political fray back as the junior senator bad-mouthing the current head of his party who endorsed his run for the seat he now holds. My reaction of that chameleon running for President again would be little different (other than an increase in the contempt I hold for him) than what it was during the start of the last Presidential election cycle when people were piling in (Fall '15)... FTN (Screw That Noise)! Which is the category Kasich, Jeb! and other trash candidates fall into.