The Boy Scouts Death Via Conformity

The scouting organization decided to cater to those who hate it instead of standing with its loyal base of support.

The Boy Scouts of America have always been a pretty explicitly faith based organization. Though non-denominational, references to God and creator were woven within the Boy Scouts’ documents and behaviors.

The organization grounded itself in a world view that is archaic in modern times, despite more than two billion people worldwide professing a Christian world view. It just is not popular in elite circles anymore. The scouts had always balanced its middle class, religious members, and the coastal elites who got to claim a faux connection with middle America through supporting scouts.

The assault on the scouts took a while to get up to speed, but as the cultural wildfires began to burn across America, scouts were in danger of getting burned too. Interwoven into the Boy Scouts of America’s “God language” was an underlying belief in a Biblical human sexual ethic. As a result, gay and transgender scouts were not welcome in the Boy Scouts of America nor were gay scout masters.

Gay rights activists decided that needed to change. First, political institutions were attacked. Liberal cities, under pressure, began prohibiting the scouts from meeting in local public schools and other public facilities. The scouts fought back and won significant legal battles. The activists moved on to corporate America and began attacking organizations that gave to the scouts. A group once viewed as wholesome suddenly became a pack of bigots. Nightly newscasts showed aggrieved parents of gay kids and the kids upset that the scouts would keep them out. Instead of starting their own, they demanded the scouts abandon their long held and widely held views.

The corporate titans who made up the scouting organization’s board were at risk of being shamed in their liberal circles. So the scouts began letting in gay scouts and transgender scouts. Many evangelical churches and organizations began fleeing. They saw the gates of sanity had been breached and crazy was about to flood in. It did.

In addition to keeping out gay and transgender scouts, the scouts had decided to keep out gay scout masters. There were over 2000 sexual abuse cases reported within the scouts with that prohibition. Gay rights activists pointed to that as proof the scouts were failing and gay scout masters could not be blamed. They demanded gay scout masters be allowed.

The corporations that had long funded the scouts began to bristle as gay rights activists shamed them. Soon the media was back to tales of woe as gay scouts teared up on camera knowing they could never be scout masters.

The Boy Scouts of America caved. People began joking that it was only a matter of time before they started letting girls in. No one is laughing now. The Boy Scouts of America will now be referred to as the Scouts BSA and allow in girls. Yes, some transgender advocates are already screaming that this is discriminatory because there are kids out there who identify as neither boy nor girl.

Truthfully, the Girl Scouts of America is a decrepit organization that has been captured wholesale by the abortion advocacy community. It sells cookies and nothing else of use. Girls got bored and the Boy Scouts took advantage of it.

The Mormon Church is pulling out. Twenty percent of scouts in America have been Mormon and the church has had a relationship with the Boy Scouts of America for 100 years. More than half of scouts were either Mormon or Christian evangelicals, but not any more. Scouting is in decline. Boys had a wholesome organization to teach them godly values and how to be men. Leftwing activists peddling all the corrupting influences of a secular world went to war. The scouts chose to surrender instead of sticking with their core constituency. They will linger on limping as a leftwing advocacy group. But the Boy Scouts of America are no more.

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I am an Eagle Scout. Two of my sons are Eagle Scouts. 20 years ago another man & I founded a troop which is still going and has helped more than 50 boys attain the rank of Eagle Scout. "Scouts, B.S.A" isn't the organization I signed up for. It isn't the organization for which I lobbied my church board to be a troop chartering organization. If I were still on the church board today, I would speak against chartering a troop.

I believe the root problem is deeper than enrolling girls, as highly problematic as that is. It is that the National Council, driven by the big city councils, has no value or principle they won't abandon, no tradition they won't break with, just to go after numbers and be politically correct. The nature of the way they have rolled out changes like this (which I would characterize as duplicitous, although of course some would disagree), permitti
ng "transgender" scouts, and allowing homosexuals to be adult leaders violate the first part of the Scout Law: Trustworthy. Trustworthy they are not. It is a profound act of bad faith.

While the BSA is claiming that there will be separate girls and boys troops, I do not expect that will last very long for a variety of reasons, not the least of which are the logistics involved in running any kind of scout troop, let alone a successful one. I give it five years, I expect the plans for co-ed troops are already in place. Even before they authorize co-ed troops, there are going to be issues because so many multi-troop sorts of activities will be co-ed, at least in the sense of having both kinds of troops present at the same time (summer camp, camporees, Order of the Arrow). There'll be a lot of "he was looking at my chest" stuff to deal with. I remember the COPE course (think "obstacle course") where my team had to grab my butt and hike me over the climbing wall. There are a lot of activities where direct physical contact is unavoidable (lifesaving for example). Things like that will end up being a problem. From my direct observation when I taught 5th & 6th graders in elementary school I know there is a significant difference in the timing of how boys and girls develop. Many 12-year-old boys are pre-pubescent, still essentially boys, even "little boys." Many 12-year-old girls are post-pubescent and are well on their way to becoming grown women. All these issues are manageable (at least to the extent they're manageable in church camp) but the introduction of girls will inevitably add an element of sexual tension that has hitherto been absent.

"Scouting, B.S.A." isn't going to be a place where boys can be boys. Just like in school and church, they'll be expected to act like girls. Just like in school and church, when the girls want something, the boys will be expected to let them have it. Just like in school and church, when the girls insult the boys and talk them down, the boys will be expected to shut up and wear it. Just like in school and church it will all run one way. Yes I know this is a highly impolitic statement, but it is my experience and observation after 67 years of life. If your experience has been different you can be thankful.

The recent announcement that the Mormon Church is breaking its 100+ year connection with the Boy Scouts is eye-catching because of the numbers involved (accounts vary, I've seen numbers as high as 425,000, which would come up to more than 20% of Boy Scouts' current youth membership). Certainly that will leave a mark. Less noticeable, but just as deleterious for the Boy Scouts will be the steady trickle of conservative Catholic and Protestant churches dropping their troops, and declining to charter new troops.

Trail Life may be a good alternative for Evangelical Protestant churches. It's looking better all the time. Problem is there is no way it can replicate the millions of hours and hundreds of millions of dollars that have been spent over the last 100+ years developing a program and facilities that, at one time although no longer, occupied a "cultural sweet spot" that alternative programs just can't touch. Quick - what's the top Trail Life award (I looked it up, it's the "Freedom" award). Hard to justify pressing a boy to spend 6 years or so earning an award nobody's ever heard of (sorry Trail Life votaries, but it is what it is). That may be what we need though. Since Trail Life has a BSA-to-Trail Life "transfer" program where requirements met in BSA can be transferred to Trail Life I'm giving serious thought to talking with the current troop leadership about making the switch.

One of the other drawbacks of Trail Life is it is sectarian to the extent it has a very strong Evangelical Protestant "look and feel." Youth group on steroids, in uniform. For a lot of people that's a feature, not a bug. For them all well and good, but it’s not an unalloyed blessing. For better or worse, the BSA is universalist to an extent that would make a Bahai queasy. We took advantage of that by saying "any boy is welcome. We do require attendance at Sunday Morning chapel on the weekend campouts. It will be 'Apostles Creed' generically Christian." That allowed us to have scouts from all church backgrounds (we ran about 30% Catholic, 30% Lutheran, 30% Other Protestant, and 10% other including Jews, Hindus, unchurched, and miscellaneous). It was a good community outreach in a way that an explicitly Protestant Christian program could not be. There's a place for both. Just something to keep in mind.

In all likelihood twenty years from now there will be a program called [whatever] that traces its lines back to the Boy Scouts. But it will be a program entirely unrecognizable to its founders.


Great Article!! As an Eagle Scout I concur 100%. This is the death of the Boy Scouts!!


Once again, rather than fix something you already have, the imperative is to destroy it and change the 'something else' that works...

BSA caving more-or-less dooms GS, as the incentive to reform is more-or-less gone...


Yeah, you're right, there is the wholesale promotion of abortion. Also patches that are nothing more than attending something. Awesome stuff there.


"BS Scouts will not survive this watered down, politically correct version of an age-old institution." - SC Welch; Which is precisely the reason the left is out the "change" the BSA. They want to destroy them. That's what leftists do. They destroy things.