Thank You, Mr. President

The President will withdraw the U.S. from the UN Human Rights Council.

The United States will withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council, according to media reports. This is good news. That organization has been used for years by nefarious third world dictators and anti-Semites to bash Israel and the United States and cover up their own human rights abuses.

This is the President at his best and he should be praised for it.

@BiggDoggie - Except that they aren't because what the Obama administration was doing was holding unaccompanied minors and separating children from adults they could not verify were their parents and the children were quite possibly being trafficked in either case. They then looked for the parents and returned them to the parents. In almost no instances were the people those children with related to them in any way and none of them were actually their parents. They didn't even detain 1500 children, let alone lose that many in the system(which has exactly what has happened since Trump changed tactics) What Trump is doing is wholesale separation of ANY group of adults and children. Most of these people can absolutely prove they are the parents of these children and breaking them apart serves no purpose other than to be cruel. It's not protecting them from being trafficked when it's the parents. It's cruelty for cruelty's sake. And then they don't even know where 1500 of them actually went.

Go back to licking your asshole like a dog would do, because it's a far better use of your time. Logic is not your thing and neither is the truth.

@streiff_is_a_moron , sorry, but I keep up with the real news, not the make-believe, so feel free to go back into your darkness, blindness & insanity...

So what's the reality with those lost kids? what's the reality with drastically altering Obama's policy of ONLY detaining unaccompanied minors, or minors without parents ? What's the reality of Obama never even detaining as many kids as Trump has lost?

Sorry to break it to you, but your meth induced hallucinations or FOX News/Breitbart are all lies.


If you're such a biggdoggie, why are you so eager to let Trump hump your face like you're some submissive beta pup? You must love it when he lies to you.


I can't wait to thank President Eric Trump Jr. in 2068! DRUMPF DYNASTY!