Texas Teen Attacked For Supporting Trump & A Fox News Host Must Flee A Location

"Convert or Die" isn't just for jihadists. A growing number of Democrats are joining the James Hodgkinson branch.

Progressives are continuing to get more violent. Last night, Fox News host Shannon Bream had to flee a live broadcast location near the Supreme Court because of threatening leftwing protestors.

This is par for the course with leftwing protestors these days. In San Antonio, Texas, a man attacked a teenager for being a Trump supporter.

All of this comes after a bookstore owner in Washington, DC was attacked by the left for protecting Steve Bannon from harassment. "Convert or die" ain't just for jihadists anymore. The James Hodgkinson wing of the Democratic Party keeps growing.

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If Nazis were socialists why did they arrest actual socialists and communists? Hmmm?


@OldSchool - The inclusion of "Socialist" was a beard for the German population and did not actually relate to socialist policies. It was included to make it more palatable for them. I know that might be a difficult fact to swallow, but literally nothing you or Jules* think about who Nazis were, what kind of ideology they embraced or how things were structured was socialist or leftist. It was fascism, which is only the product of ultra-conservative orthodoxy.