Telegraphing Our Plans Makes Things Worse

We will now have no chance of leaving Syria because telegraphing our intended departure has escalated matters.

Did we not learn this with Barack Obama? He would announce a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan and the insurgents knew they could just wait him out. Donald Trump rightfully criticized that. Time and time again, when the prior administration would announce it would withdraw or alter policy in Iraq or Afghanistan, the enemy would just decide to wait us out and that would make the situation worse.

You would think, given Donald Trump's reticence on this matter with Barack Obama, he would have kept his mouth shut about wanting out of Syria. And, if not him directly, those who reported it. The President should have known something this big would leak.

And what has happened? The Assad regime has used chemical attacks on its citizens and we have potentially now been drawn further into an already destabilized situation. Wanting out of Syria altogether, given what is going on, is stupid. We cannot cede that fight to Russia. Publicly saying we want out is insane.

Now we will not get out. In fact, we cannot get out now that chemical weapons have been used. To leave now would be an eradication of American moral leadership in the world. This administration needs to be smarter.


whahahahahahaha! As if that's of any concern of Trump (or the sycophants and yes men that surround him). "This administration needs to be smarter." ... and yet they lose brain cells by the second. Not going to happen.

Jamesbo, what law do you refer to? The use of chemical agents against citizens is a war crime in international law. Our presence in Syria is legal by that law. The UN charter, while not completely worthless, has been mostly so, and leaves a lot to be desired in fulfilling its duty to quell such uprising. The threat in Syria is not from Assad, it is from Russia. Remember the "agreement" that Russia would assure that Assad gets rid of chemical warfare agents. Let us not forget that Obama entered into agreement with Islam terrorists to fight Assad; and those same terrorists were killing Syrian citizens in the resistance. It seem Russia (Putin) is testing the US resolve; but should we ignore the war crime? No!

You can bomb women in children in Syria to oblivion, as long as you don't use chemical weapons. This always amazes me, that you can abide by genocide so long as you don't use the gas. It's fundamentally an immoral position. Chemical weapons are a war crime, yes, but so is targeting medical facilities and shooting at Red Crescent workers. There are no good sides in this civil war. Obama's policy was muddled, and wrong. Trump's is worse. Lob a few cruise missiles in there like a tough guy, and then create a new distraction. Trump wants out of Syria because he has wagered that Russia can prop up Assad, and Trump can still be pals with Putin.

Eric, take your analysis one step further. The Trump leak occurred before the chemical weapons attack. So wouldn't Assad know that a chemical weapons attack by his regime would prevent American withdrawal? How does that serve his interest? Does he have a death wish? How confident are you in the Syrian regime as the source of the attack? Why?