Ted Cruz Just Stopped a Huge Tax Increase

Ted Cruz successfully rallied Senate Republicans against Bob Corker.

Senator Bob Corker was the lone Republican who wanted to raise taxes. First, he tried to get a trigger in the legislation that would have automatically raised taxes without a future vote. That failed with the parliamentarian. Then he tried an outright tax increase. Ted Cruz worked overtime to block it.

"Fifty-one senators want to cut taxes, one is trying to raise taxes," Cruz said in an interview outside the Capitol late Thursday night after an impassioned confrontation on the Senate floor with Corker. "That’s not right." Cruz said he worked overnight to defeat the Corker push. "It was extended conversations that went on into the late hours of the night and continued early in the morning," Cruz said. "Last night there had been a plan to include $350 billion in tax increases. I and a number of other senators had strong objections to that proposal, and that proposal did not carry the day."

One thing we don't need is a trigger to raise taxes thereby absolving the Congress of any blame attached to such an increase. Each Representative and Senator should be on record and not abrogate their duties to legislate in bypassing the process put forth in the Constitution. Nor should they give the power of creating regulations without oversight to any department or agency as has happened with the EPA and Consumer Protection!

Kansasgirl444. I'm not sure if Corker started out any better than Jim Sasser. Yeh, the Democrat, from years ago, or even Al Gore, who I am ashamed to even mention. I really think the only reason we elected Corker was because of his challenger, from Memphis. The Democrats put up a really bad candidate, and it worked against them, but Corker worked against us. Believe me, I'd love to say something good about Corker, but he took care of that, himself. Now, if we could get Alexander to shake his latest political "Reach across the aisle" romance with Patty Murray...

Oh, what an opportunity we blew in November 2016. Well done, Senator Cruz. Again.

NCMike. He was my choice, too, but he may not have ever had a chance, if you look at all the people lined up against Trump. That same bunch would go after anything and everything Cruz is for, just like he was Trump. The only thing they couldn't do is throw the Bible at him. He is too conservative for the middle ground or leftwing Republican. I would have loved to see Cruz as the President, but the big difference between the two is Twitter, and the nasty campaign, that we all should put behind us. We just don't give Trump credit for pulling off that victory because we don't realize how close it really was, and the Democrats may have gotten out the vote more against a Cruz, than someone they never thought had a chance. I'm just not sure we blew anything. Cruz is still around for future battles.

That's also why I think it is so absurd all of these people popping in for our moral re-adjustment to allow McConnell to pick Alabama's next senator, when they are the same ones telling us how conservative they are, and then how conservative Mcconnell is, by picking Luther Strange. I can see a lot of irony, can't you? There is no such thing as a Rockefeller conservative, is there? I never thought so.