Ted Cruz Gets a Pro-Family Initiative Passed Leaving Liberals Angry

Ted Cruz gets the Senate to help homeschooling and private schooling parents and expecting parents. Liberals are angry.

It is actually really funny to see a bunch of liberals who think the GOP is hurting poor people with tax reform spitting mad this morning now that they realize what Senator Ted Cruz has done. Yes, the left is mad that Ted Cruz got a pro-family initiative put into tax reform. His amendment will allow parents to use 529 education savings accounts to pay for the expenses of elementary and secondary private and religious education as well as home schooling. But on top of that, parents will be able to start taking advantage of the plan upon pregnancy, not upon delivery of the child, giving a nine month head start to savings.

Liberals have concluded this is a back door to getting rid of Roe v. Wade and so consequently are livid that Ted Cruz would want to help expecting parents pay for their childrens' education. So, to review, they think the GOP tax plan will hurt the poor and families and, when confronted with the reality of this amendment, choose to ignore that it will help families and instead want to argue about abortions.

Ted Cruz and the Senate GOP should be commended for recognizing the financial burden homeschooling can put on families who have no good alternatives due to failing local public schools in many parts of the country. That they recognize a parent's responsibilities begin before the child is even born is a sign of commitment to families. This is good, common sense policy

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What they’re really mad about is the potential loss of power. Liberal school systems revel in the fact they get to preach liberal dogma to the nation’s children 8 hours a day. Longer than the parents have to spend with them at home. Educate them early, and they won’t have to send them to the re-education camps as adults.