Ted Cruz Endorses Hunter Hill in Georgia Gubernatorial Primary

Conservatives in the peach state have been headed in Hill's direction. Cruz joins them with his support.

I am very pleased with the crop of candidates running for Governor in Georgia this year. I would be proud to vote for any of them as Governor. I do think it is worth noting, however, that conservatives are lining up behind Hunter Hill. The former Army Ranger and state senator has seen most of the conservatives in the Georgia House and Senate, from Sam Teasley to Wes Cantrell to Michael Caldwell, line up behind him. Those are the guys who frequently defy their GOP leadership to support religious freedom and oppose tax increases.

Now they are being joined by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, whose support will further highlight Hill's conservative bona fides. In a statement, Senator Cruz notes:

Successful self-government requires active participation from each one of us. That is true not only for those who run for office, but of each of us who casts a vote. I’m asking voters to carefully consider the choices before them this election cycle, and to stand with those who have proven themselves to be conservatives of conviction. In the race for Governor in Georgia I am proud to endorse Hunter Hill, and I urge the voters of Georgia to join me by supporting him.

The race for governor in Georgia looks set to enter a runoff with Lt. Governor Casey Cagle in first place and a tight race for second between Secretary of State Brian Kemp and Hill.

No. 1-1

Brian Kemp shot himself with that shotgun ad. I was thinking of supporting him. Cagle is definitely a RINO. Hilll is good but can't win. I am considering voting for Abrams over Cagle, because she might shake thing up. Cagle would not.