TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Senator to Support Ted Cruz's Plan

Our action center is live for you to tell your Senator to support Ted Cruz's "Protect Kids and Parents Act".

Senator Ted Cruz is proposing legislation that, if passed, would keep kids from being separated from their parents at the border while their parents await asylum hearings. There is bipartisan support to do this. The President has told Congress it must act if it wants to stop this. There is no reason to complicate matters.

Ted Cruz's legislation is reasonable and restrained in scope. It would only keep parents and kids together. It would not do other things that can be left for more comprehensive bills.

Take action now by going here to tell your Senator to support Senator Cruz's legislation.

A woman in the UK refused a state funded abortion demanded by the NHS because the fetus looked too much like MAGAJESUS on the ultrasound. We need more immigrants like her, willing to do the right thing.

   I was glad to see Senator Cruz and Jimmy Kimmel playing basketball for charity.  Senator Cruz has a good spirit, and I applaud his authorization of a bill to address the current problem.  
   I live in Philly, went to Rittenhouse Square today, and talked to some of the people who were there to malign and demonstrate against Mike Pence.  One demonstrator said, "It's wrong to separate the child from the mother."  I replied, "You must be against abortion then."   There was a pause, and the younger woman said something like, "That's only a zygote which the mother may not want."
    Biblical preaching, including preaching on the delights of the saved in heaven, and the torment of damned sinners in hell, is all that can save our society.

I love that when a troll has nothing to actually complain about, they just post stupid shit instead. Keep up the good work!


@AjadedLizard "I love that when a troll has nothing to actually complain about, they just post stupid shit instead. Keep up the good work!" Thanks for your amazing contribution!

@ S.I.A.M is suffering, people! Give him a break! No one pays any attention to words he types, so he has to sink to blasphemy and stupid graphics. At some point he might just be banned, but until then site will just continue to be polluted by his utter pathetic stupidity. He is this site's version of the chimp reaching behind him to find some of his own poop to throw. And now he is reduced to smarmy and juvenile "I know what you are but what am I?" pseudo-responses.

Poor baby.