TAKE ACTION: GA Republicans to Punish Faith-Based Adoption Agencies

The Georgia Republicans have stripped religious protections from faith-based adoption agencies.

If you ever wanted to see what happens to purported Christians who decide to serve Mammon instead of God, look no further than to the Bible thumping Republicans in Georgia.

The state is updating the adoption laws like Texas did last year. The laws need to be updated. No one disputes that. The question is whether the state should deny faith-based adoption agencies the right to help the state place children in loving homes. And the Georgia Republicans have said yes. TAKE ACTION NOW.

They had a provision that would allow faith-based adoption agencies to place children in loving homes without having to abandon their deeply held religious views on marriage. But under pressure from Governor Nathan Deal and Speaker David Ralston, the State Senate has stripped those religious protection.

The Georgia Republicans are afraid of offending Hollywood studios and Amazon.com, which they are desperate to bring into the state. As a result, they are telling faith-based adoption agencies that they must abandon their views on marriage if they want to place kids in state foster care into loving homes. Amazingly, when Texas updated their adoption laws, the Republicans led by Governor Abbott insisted on religious liberty protections for faith-based adoption agencies.

They are putting the gay rights agenda ahead of the adoption agenda. The Georgia Republicans are siding with the secular left in the culture war. Any faith-based adoption agency must start adopting to same-sex couples in order to help kids in foster care.

Tell the Georgia Senate this is madness and they need to restore the protections for faith-based adoption agencies. CLICK HERE TO TAKE ACTION NOW.

Thank you Eric! My family has had the beautiful privilege of having a child placed in our home through one of these loving and caring agencies. Lifeline children services. I would be sorely distraught if they were no longer able to continue there amazing work.

If you care anything about the sanctity of life please click Eric's link. It will only take a minute of your time.

Thank you for keeping us up-to- date on this issue. We also adopted two beautiful children thru the work of Lifeline Children's Services. I am taking action and encourage others to do the same.

They are not depriving the Faith Based adoption agencies of anything because those agencies can go on and help people in other ways. The real crime, and I think it is an actual crime, is that they are depriving needy children a place to call home and parents who will care for them. Sad that some people put their own priorities over those of children.

Giving into Amazon and the Washington Post. The same ownership. This is crony capitalism. This is not the best for the children. Amazon has become to powerful. Amazon will sell Christian items out of greed. Small business can't compete with the giant on volume. Not all faith based organizations and people are the same, but they are less to apt to be connected to drugs, alcohol and abuse. If these items are thoroughly checked, where will the children be placed?

Those companies bring jobs to the state. Jobs, jobs, jobs is what my president always says. That is more important than one group's right to discriminate.

Jobs yill come and go, but the problems a child will have by placing them in a same sex home will live with the a lifetime. If these were Muslim organizations that insisted in only placing children in Muslim homes no one would say a word, but because it's a Christian organization they think they can recriminate against us with impunity. It's time Christians put on the full armor of the Lord and say no to these people who call themselves Christians but serve Mammon. God is watching.