Stop Blaming Fox

All networks have issues. But Fox is not to blame because the President watches it.

I'm done with Fox at the end of the month. I didn't want to stay and they didn't want to keep me. I'll have stories to tell when I leave, one involving a present member of the President's cabinet. Stay tuned for that.

But even going back to when I was on CNN there has been a steady drumbeat of people in the media and liberal critics who routinely bash Fox News. The criticism has only amped up now because President Trump watches Fox. And I am convinced that much of the criticism is not substantive, but jealousy driven. Fox has outstanding ratings and has consistently had outstanding ratings since well before Donald Trump ever rode an escalator in Trump Tower to tell us he was running for President.

Fox & Friends has been the number one morning cable news show for over 194 months.

In the Age of Trump I keep hearing all sorts of bitching and moaning from people in the press that the President is getting all his news from Fox and that's a problem. Feel free to complain about the commentary shows in the evening, but Fox's news team does great work. Their day part makes sure to cover the news and I maintain it gives great balance and often covers stories other networks ignore.

Contrast Fox with, for example, Chris Cuomo on CNN in the mornings who is objectively, obviously liberal with an obvious liberal world view and an obvious partisan agenda. But no one in the press is complaining about the son of the former great hope of the Democratic Party because all the people complaining share his world view and the stories he covers are the stories liberals care about from the angles they care about them.

Frankly, much of the media could learn a great deal from Fox in how it pays a good deal of attention to what people outside the coastal, liberal elite think. Is it perfect? Nope. The Seth Rich stuff among other things was bothersome. But it is far better than you'd hear from most of the rest of the media being left in Fox's dust. And that gets back to my central point. If Fox News didn't have the audience it has and didn't have the President as a viewer, you wouldn't hear about it. Nobody is screaming about MSNBC's night time shows.

Many of the liberal critics will tut-tut and say Fox has some overwhelming obligation to present the news the way they demand and cover the stories they demand with the angles they demand since the President is watching. But, again, Fox had those ratings well before President Trump became President and perhaps other networks would improve their ratings if they started treating heartland viewers with less contempt.

I had a prominent, well known theologian tell me over a year ago that he gets a far more respectful, receptive treatment from networks other than Fox when he goes on television and is vastly more able to talk about his issues on other networks than Fox. But, he said, as a viewer he thinks Fox remains the only network that doesn't treat his faith held views as socially unacceptable, even if Fox prefers not to cover them. I think there is something to that.

Again, Fox is not without its problems. Every network has problems. But one of its problems is not that it has more viewers than other networks, including the President.

I agree that fox is used as a punching bag for no good reason. Fox doesn't hide its conservative/ Gop roots. It has a distinct news time and commentator time. We just happen to live in a world where news channels can cater to different segments of the market.

The issue is more Trump. Who seems to watch fox and then live tweet his reactions in real time.

I'm not the biggest fan of Trump getting most of his news from fox. Fox doesn't cover everything. Nor does it promote all sides of a debate. Better he watch/read a variety of sources.

If I were to blame Fox for anything, it would be for all the free airtime they gave Trump BEFORE he announced his candidacy. Fox made Trump into a viable candidate. The President should not rely on any news outlet. We would all be better served if he spent most of his 'news time' with the daily brief that has been available for many years.

I agree that FoxNews offers, by far, the most objective news coverage. The problem which in my opinion earned valid criticism was their relentless pandering for Trump during their "editorial" programs. They really did help give us Trump, when the Republicans could have had an actual conservative nominee. Still, FoxNews allowed Gutfeld and a few others to express balanced, thoughtful opinions. That said, I doubt that shills like Hannity, Pirro and Huckabee will ever regain a shred of credibility.

The only show I totally trust for national news is Bret Baier at 6, he is the ultimate class and trustworthy person out there...no agenda just the news, and Katherine Herridge (sp?) appears to be a real bulldog when it comes to stories she covers. Yes, I think Fox overdid their pro Trump coverage when I would rather have had several other candidates, but I think several were anti-Trump until it became Trump vs Hillary and it became we'd rather have him. Earlier comment mentions Gutfeld, who is my favorite because of both his humor and his views were mine...not pro-Trump at all, but didn't want Hillary, and was going to view this with a wait and see attitude, and I think unlike the other networks everyone was more fascinated by what would happen then pre-determined what would happen and how they felt about it.

I don't see Fox as any kind of issue when every other media outlet is a mouthpiece for the Democrats, and Trump did not get most of his air time from Fox, before the campaign. The mainstream gave it all to him to get him positioned as the one for Hillary to beat. They turned on him, or actually, slightly before the convention, as soon as they could, to help Hillary beat the weak candidate. It seems to be a trend, especially among those of us on the right, to go after a Fox, just to appear "Fair" in our criticism with the rest of the media, when we should really appreciate having the voice they give us. That is a flawed approach to fairness, if ever there was one.