Some White House Staffers Believe General Kelly Is Being Set Up

White House staff worry both that General Kelly is being set up and that Jared and Ivanka Trump are behind the set up.

I said the other day that maybe it was time for General Kelly to go, but if so it was past time for others to go too. …

Each of these people feel strongly that General Kelly is being set up. Though not all of them, the overwhelming majority of them think Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are to blame. One from inside the White House tells me he believes "Javanka" has been waiting to find an issue to use against Kelly ever since he reduced their influence. To a person, these people tell me that Javanka wants more influence inside the White House and their influence is perceived as stronger than it really is. Several of them see Javanka behind the anti-Kelly news both about immigration and about Rob Porter.