Some White House Staffers Believe General Kelly Is Being Set Up

White House staff worry both that General Kelly is being set up and that Jared and Ivanka Trump are behind the set up.

I said the other day that maybe it was time for General Kelly to go, but if so it was past time for others to go too. Several people inside and on the periphery of the White House reached out to me after that post and over the weekend to chat about it. Those inside the White House include a couple of staffers who has been there since Day 1 and others who arrived in the Priebus/Bannon days. Those on the outside are close to the decision making processes in the White House.

Each of these people feel strongly that General Kelly is being set up. Though not all of them, the overwhelming majority of them think Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are to blame. One from inside the White House tells me he believes "Javanka" has been waiting to find an issue to use against Kelly ever since he reduced their influence. To a person, these people tell me that Javanka wants more influence inside the White House and their influence is perceived as stronger than it really is. Several of them see Javanka behind the anti-Kelly news both about immigration and about Rob Porter.

"Ivanka will use any headline she can to manipulate her dad into ousting General Kelly," one source told me. The source went on to say, "He has limited both Jared and Ivanka's abilities to navigate the White House, but they're family so he cannot shut them out entirely and they are taking advantage of that right now. We are rooting for Jared to get indicted just so they will go away."

Another tells me that General Kelly was telling the truth. Allegations were reported to General Kelly by others. He stood by Rob Porter while presuming they were just allegations. When General Kelly found out they were more than that, he moved quickly and decisively. "Hope shaped his thinking and that was the problem," one told me. Hope Hick, of course, is dating or was dating Rob Porter.

The pretty uniform consensus of the people I talked to is that the chaos in the White House arises from Trump and there is nothing General Kelly or anyone else can do to stop that. What General Kelly has done better than anyone is set up clear lines of command, fire walls, and navigable channels of information within White House operations. To a person, they all tell me the situation would deteriorate without General Kelly.

On the issue of why it took Kelly so long to find out, a White House source tells me there was clearly a problem, he believes it was intention, but he trusts General Kelly to get to the bottom of it and hold those who kept the information from him to account.

"We are every day at the mercy of what the President sees on TV and what his friends tell him overnight," one White House insider tells me. "Without General Kelly, we'd be at the mercy of Jared and Ivanka and an army of backstabbing retards who think they are Rhodes scholars too." (Don't shoot me on the "retards" quote. It is a direct quote)

"We are rooting for Jared to get indicted just so they will go away." "Without General Kelly, we'd be at the mercy of Jared and Ivanka and an army of backstabbing retards who think they are Rhodes scholars too." So these people reach out to Eric? sounds like they are more concerned about their own power and position than anything else. Self righteous know it all. They are the Swamp.... I have no love for Javanka, but pretty clear there IS a problem with protectionist staffers who become indignant about their turf.

No matter what possible palace intrigue is occurring, Kelly was wrong to allow Porter to have access to classified info with no FBI clearance, which I am assuming occurred given Porter's apparent role handling most of the President's documents. Kelly is supposed to be a military stickler. That kind of uncleared access by Porter is unforgivably lax if true, the opposite of military-type discipline. There are other good candidates around for the chief of staff position. For example, Pruitt.

Retards need fun too!

Rob Porter not a big deal

His family should be nowhere close to policy decisions either, I believe the family is the problem

The white house is dysfunctional and back biting. But it seems weird that Kelly would not investigate why Porter was denied security clearance.

This obviously wasn't some water cooler rumours, these were serious enough allegations that the FBI wouldn't give him access to information.

This is a big, manufactured nothing burger. Perpetrated buy leftis idiots.

I totally agree with you and have always thought Javanka were a problem. I di not vote for them.

As I was saying: In 2016, Kelly did something similar. He appeared as a character witness for a former Marine colonel charged with sexually harassing a female subordinate. Col. Todd Shane Tomko admitted to sending explicit messages to a female subordinate. An additional document indicated that Tomko forcibly kissed another female, a Marine corporal in October 2014. He even went so far as to ask the woman to destroy evidence of their communications and was also charged with driving drunk to his own arraignment hearing. Gen. Kelly, who had never worked close with him, was a character witness who nonetheless swore he had always observed Tomko's character to be upstanding. ”Socially, he’s a great Marine,” Kelly said, adding that he had a reputation as a “gunfighter” and upstanding leader. After serving two months of jail time in the summer of 2016, Tomko was arrested again in 2017 on seven felony warrants and charged with “indecent liberties with a child,” with some allegations going back as far as 2002 and involving three separate victims. It is possible, Erick, for Gen. Kelly to be a heroic man, well-intentioned Chief of Staff, a horrible judge of character and a poor manager as well. If he were good at his job, the front half of Javanka (also without permanent security clearance) would never get near the President's Daily Briefing.

I would assume like most of these type of situations, this is more about a power struggle than anything else. I would rather wait and let the whole story develop, the actual story and not the spin, before tossing Kelly out. I do know that Javanka is bad for America. These two have zero qualifications to be involved in the business of the United States. Being the offspring of and married to the offspring of the President, is not a qualification. I oppose close family being involved in the White House affairs anyway, regardless of the qualifications of the family members. To top all of that off, Jared and Ivanka are Manhattan liberals. Their agenda and the agenda of the center-right of this country do not line up. The American people voted for Donald Trump, not Jared and Ivanka. Not only are they not qualified and improper by relationship, they don't share the policy goals of the Trump Administration. Kelly has done a phenomenal job of cutting down on the chaos, as much as is possible given that Donald Trump is the President. If he is suppressing info and keeping a known wife beater, then it is time for him to move on. I would rather wait and get the whole story before jumping to that conclusion. Changing the Chief of Staff will have a destabilizing effect that will have serious and real world growing pains should that be necessary. It is not something that should be done in a rash fashion.

Jarod and Ivonka are the liberals in the administration. How long a period should Kelly take to verify resumes? With all the information coming out about the FBI now, their word should be believed without any question? Abuse happens, but there are also liars. Kelly has brought order and discipline to the office and stopped the leaks. Trump left the Democrats and became a Republican, because he is more of a hawk or Blue Dog than today's Democrats.

as long as he keeps appointing conservative judges and fighting for the unborn i don't really care what else goes on. People beat their wives, it happens, and its a personal issue. i also don't care about the deficit anymore.

I agree. The people elected Donald Trump as their president. They DID NOT elect his family. The only other family person who should matter is the First Lady, and she seems to be doing a pretty good job of it so far.

Everyone, please keep this in mind in 2020. I personally have been pleasantly surprised at many of the policies coming through this administration. However, the daily circus has got to stop. I was a “Never Trumper” in 2016 and I will be the same in 2020. Even if he continues enacting policies I appreciate.

We need to demand real government from our government. An administration that administrates, and a legislature that legislates.

I will continue to seek out conservative options throughout my voting influence until someone gets it right.

Kelly lied about congresswoman Wilson's speech, called her an empty barrel, and refused to apologize!! I watched the entire speech and what he claimed wasn't said!!! He called porter a man of honor and integrity! It's Kelly's job to know what's going on in the white house!! He trashed immigrants, with his nasty trump-like mouth, and thinks Robert E. Lee was an admiral man!!! He may have been a competent General, but he is a total incompetent politician!! GOTTA GO!!!!!

Its pathetic how democraps can stay on point and not only support but protect their potus and repubs are nothing more than a buncha back stabbing opportunists...

Let the integrity of General Kelly go before him and protect him from all harm. Also

Also if there are plans to set him up, let those plans backfire right in their face!