Social Media Con Artists

People are buying social media followers as a way to boost themselves.

You guys really need to read this story in the New York Times about the rise of people buying fans on social media. It is happening more and more. In fact, where I live, there's a local guy trying to make it big who did this. He claims a huge social media following, but it's all bots if you pay attention to it. That's the problem with celebrity these days.

I get frustrated sometimes by my Instagram feed compared to Facebook and Twitter, but then I try to rarely be political on it. So the engagement and realness of it is better. There are plenty of people who buy Instagram followers and have massive accounts. Heck, I just want my verified.

This is a sad phenomenon of the social media era and people are trying to exploit it. But I would say that ultimately people's natural talent either shines through or does not and, if not, they fail.

It's really pathetic. It's no different than claiming to be a world class athlete or date a supermodel when it's all false. It's just as wrong and just as pathetic. People are searching for fame and adulation from people that don't know them. Why does a person want to impress people with a fake version? Those people aren't impresses by the real person, just the fake one. It's no different than me running around claiming to be Tom Brady to try and get some admiration from random people.

It is like Keynesian economics. Trying to get ahead with a puffed up resume. I agree Erick, it is not a sustainable model. Ultimately content matters.

Sad world of false premises & promises....

Stolen valor.

Social media have become reality to many people today, virtual reality in which one can invent an entire persona complete with fake photo and accomplishments, invent a circle of "friends" and in his own mind become the person he wants to be. We have seen an electronic life take over from a real one-----young people in particular tied to their phones, texting each other instead of interacting personally, substituting electronic relationships for real ones. We are also in a world where people increasingly believe they can control everything in their lives---they can have plastic surgery to change the way they look, they can abort inconvenient babies to avoid pregnancy (not to avoid parenthood, as so many people want to adopt babied, but to avoid the inconvenience of carrying a child to term). There is now a conviction that they can choose their gender. Becoming an imaginary person with imaginary friends to create the illusion of popularity is just another aspect of this.