Shut. It. Down.

The GOP should keep DACA recipients in the country without citizenship and let the Democrats shut down the government.

Want to know the President's thinking on an immigration deal? The White House emailed out a link to this story yesterday evening. It's about an illegal alien with drug issues who shot and killed two police officers. The White House is going to take a very hard line on border security. Meanwhile, Senator Tom Cotton reportedly thinks Democrats would be blamed for a government shutdown and it might help the GOP in 2018.

I think Tom Cotton is right.

Democrats seem to continually overplay their hand on immigration. If Republicans offer a plan to keep DACA recipients in the country and the Democrats still shut down the government, it could re-energize a Republican base that is starting to get tired. It could also push some fence sitters away from the Democrats.

This is a fight worth having. The GOP is probably not going to offer a harsh deal on DACA because there is a strong consensus led by the President that the DACA recipients should be allowed to stay in exchange for border security. If that's the deal and the Democrats balk at it, shut down the government and make the case that the Democrats are putting illegal aliens and lax borders ahead of the national interest.

Personally, I tend to always favor a government shutdown. People need to remember they can survive without the federal government. As Democrats have rediscovered federalism, now they can realize a Washington inconsequential to their lives is a good thing.

"People need to remember they can survive without the federal government. As Democrats have rediscovered federalism, now they can realize a Washington inconsequential to their lives is a good thing." AMEN, Erik. Therein lies the reason behind the Convention of States Project. The Constitution gives the STATES authority and it is time to reclaim that sovereignty. Please, do us all a big favor and SHUT IT DOWN!

Please, please, please stop with the green card but no citizenship nonsense. I don't care how strenuously written in the amnesty bill it will eventually be overturned by a future congress. Unless of course an activist judge doesn't beat them to the punch. Stop kidding yourselves otherwise.

My 2 cents on DACA... My wife was illegal when we met and married 11 years ago. We went through the immigration process filing the I 139 and The I 601. She went back to Honduras with our daughter who was 3 at the time and she was there over 6 months before she was able to return. I had to get my state representatives involved before she could return. I was a very hard time in our lives but we did it right and she became a citizen in 2015. I know that situation is different than the DACA kids. I also agree with all the requirements for DACA except the 1st one. That stating you had to be at least 31 years old before 2012. Your kidding me right? 31? That's just legal amnesty.OBAMA started that and he knew what he was doing. When are you a Kid at 25? That requirement needs to be 15 years old currently. When you have been as a kid and turn 18 your 1st priority should be citizenship. Your not stupid. You know you are illegal. Start the process and go back or enroll in the US military and shed blood like my family did to earn your citizenship! If you are not clear on the requirements please see this link https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/consideration-deferred-action-childhood-arrivals-daca I don't agree with Erick on letting them all have the opportunity to stay just the ones that are kids now. The others can start the process that right way!

Let the government shut down. or build the wall. The wall and defense spending have to be part of the current CRs. Details on immigration have to be done before the March deadline.. Illegal immigration has gone on so long that one size does not fit all. Citizenship doesn't guarantee loyalty but it can be a start. Some immigrants are better citizens than those that are born here, or even some members of congress. Through background checks have to be made, along with passing a civics and English test. If no path is made an activist judge will create one. Deport the adult illegals and families if they want to stay together.. Other arrangements can be made for those under 18. We don't need people that refuse to assimilate. Trump was just given the problem to correct not the cause. Obama was a leading cause but non-enforcement of immigration by others did not help.

Have we gotten that check from Mexico yet to pay for the wall?

I agree with Wayne Peterkin with one exception. There can be no chain migration attached to the bill. If you're here find, but your ten thousand relatives can't use you as a bargaining chip. You, your wife and children. Period end of quote.

The Reality of a government shutdown is that ONLY 18% is effected. The check still go out and the Revenue still continues to come in.

The Democrats have played the RINO WHIG Democrat Lite Repubs because the Establishment RINOs have no backbone or do they have leadership.

Legal status will be demagogued and protested and browbeat into CITIZENSHIP…. Massive can of worms. Amnesty guaranteed.

It still looks very weak if a party with control of all three branches of government can't pass a budget. I personally as a liberal would prefer them being more hard-line about CHIP than DACA. However, I imagine many who are Republicans are very disappointed that the majority party is so divided the minority actually could force a shutdown. And I feel bad for those who look at a Congress that by party lines should be able to drive through almost any legislation be in this position. Goid news for the GOP is that most Dem demographics still ignore midterms. I've been disappointed to see so much focus on liberal forums about 2020 than 2018, but that's good news for you guys.