She Must Be Credible Because She Came Forward and Spoke Up

If abortion is a sacrament of your religion, you'll do anything and everything to defend it, including lie.

"She must be credible because why on earth would she subject herself to this," is the usual line in defense of Professor Ford.


Have you not seen weeks of protestors getting hauled away and arrested for disrupting Senate proceedings all because of abortion?

Have you not seen the way Hollywood lionized Abortion Barbie in Texas for standing on her feet in pink shoes to unsuccessfully block a bill on abortion restrictions? Heck, they're making a movie about Abortion Barbie.

Have you not seen how the left is rebranding Anita Hill as a hero?

Have you not seen time and time again the left and Hollywood put these people on pedestals because they stood up to conservatives, Republicans, and tried their best to keep abortion on demand the law of the land?

If you treat abortion like a religious sacrament as so many progressives do, you're going to do anything and everything possible to take out Kavanaugh, including falsely accusing him of a crime. You'll be a celebrated hero, get a book deal, and be a rallying cry for progressives for a generation.

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Erick is absolutely right about this. If the issue of abortion were taken out of this, this entire comedy would never have occurred. Senators Feinstein, Hirono, Harris, Spartacus, et al. are primarily interested in protecting an unconditional right to terminate lives of unborn offspring. Whether or not Ford is correct in remembering this incident (though she is mysteriously unable to say when or where it occurred), I'm convinced that she would NEVER have come forth with it if Kavenaugh were an ardent cheerleader for abortion. Yet everyone continues to pretend that this whole charade is about something else.


Will "Let Her Speak" include Davis's leeching her husband dry prior to dumping him, or her blowout defeat in the 2014 Texas gubernatorial election? And, once again, Kavanaugh has already declared Roe v. Wade to be "settled law," so why do you keep harping on the abortion angle that is not in dispute in these hearings?


Everyone is on a roll to smear Ford and push on through the most damaged and flawed man ever considered for the Supreme Court. Historically low polling numbers among the public now.

What if he was guilty and he is pushed through. Is that what the Supreme Court should be about? Should we reward a man such as that with a seat?!

Even if he is innocent this will haunt his tenure, so WHY!?! Thomas never escaped it. There are tons of qualifed Judges that are an even swap with Kavanaugh and no baggage. Equally Useful Individuals.

Seriously, why Kavanaugh?? Why not fight this battle with someone who cannot be accused of something like this - Amy Barrett? You can't argue she wouldn't be as pro-life.