Secretary of Veterans Affairs Will (and Should) Get Canned Too

Shulkin is out. Perry may be in.

President Trump is weighing a larger Cabinet reorganization and it looks like Secretary Shulkin of the VA will be replaced by Secretary of Energy Rick Perry. At least that is the current rumor floating about. President Trump is said to be deeply disturbed by reports about the VA's continued dysfunction and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs' own personal turmoil and scandal in office.

The President had originally considered Rick Perry for the VA spot, but he decided to put Perry at Energy. He now wants to move him over. Given Perry's known affinity for helping veterans, that may be a good case. What is clear, however, is that Shulkin needs to go and should be gone by the end of the week we can hope.

Like Tillerson, Shulkin has proven himself not a very capable administrator and the VA bureaucracy has gotten the best of him.

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The Obama administration was so corrupt that one could not elevate people based on experience and knowledge. Trump created some of his problems, but the hold over bureaucracy has been the biggest stumbling block. We had establishment Hillary and Obama loyalist. DOJ-Holder and Lynch,, FBI-Comey, McCabe, State-Clinton,Kerry, Brennan, Clapper, EPA, IRS-Learner and others. The VA was not a high priority for Obama. After Trump was elected, I looked at some of his primary opponents and governors to fill many of the cabinet positions, based on administrative experience. I had Rick Perry in the cabinet in another position. Allen West or Ben Carson at the VA.


If the VA hospital in Clarksburg, WV is any indication......then he and the current head of that VA hospital should go ! Deplorable operating room conditions. Staff had to stage a "stand down" in order to get some changes made. Staff must sign "non-disclosure" agreements or else they will be terminated if they speak of the conditions.