Scandal!! Brett Kavanaugh Charged Baseball Tickets to His Credit Card

Even more scandalous, he paid off his credit card after the charges.

The American news media has found the scandal to bring down Judge Brett Kavanaugh. He isn't rich.

According to various reports, most notably from the Washington Post, Kavanaugh is not a millionaire like most of his colleagues, drinks Budweiser, and really likes baseball. In fact, Kavanaugh put thousands of dollars worth of season tickets on his credit card. He had huge amounts of credit card debt due to his love of Nationals baseball.

But then a funny thing happened.

Kavanaugh paid off his credit cards. He was actually buying the tickets for himself and for friends. His friends paid him back and he paid the bills. It is somewhat humorous that the Washington Post first attacked Kavanaugh for being an elitist because he lives in Chevy Chase, MD and the local bartender knows his name. But what the bartender did not know is that Kavanaugh is a powerful federal judge and a Supreme Court nominee. This makes Kavanaugh perhaps the first elitist in Washington to not brag about his job.

Once people settled down from that shocking news, they dropped the news about his credit card.

So Kavanaugh did keg stands in college, drinks Budweiser now, takes his kids to basketball games, and loves baseball. And he has credit card debt. Perhaps the scandal should be that Kavanaugh is…how do I put this delicately…normal?

Here's the question that needs to be asked. Did he consider slaughtering his children while they were in the womb? If not, why not? Was it a religious thing? Would he bring that respect for human life to the Supreme Court?

@MittenTom . the Left won't ask those questions, because they know the answers and the answers would not promote their agenda or support their narrative.

And to the Left, belief that human lives have an inherent value can only be based on religion. They associate decency with religion and then reject religion, and we are not supposed to connect the dots and see that they are really rejecting decency.

They will also not ask if his earlier rulings avoided injecting personal beliefs into his decisions and instead depended solely on the law. They don't want a justice who thinks like this, because to them the role of the Court is to impose a Leftist agenda on the people whether they like it or not.


So Brett Kavenaugh loves baseball and drinks beer? The more stuff that comes out about this guy, the more I like him.


It is kind of embarrassing he dropped that much money on THE NATIONALS!!