Rush is Right.

We should allow concealed carry in schools for teachers and administrators.

On Sunday, Rush Limbaugh told Fox News Sunday that we need concealed carry in schools. I have long said we need more guns, not less guns, and Rush is right here too.

The left scream, "But Australia," forgetting Australia does not have a second amendment and the United States does. As a result, we must do things differently in the United States. One of those things is gun policy. At this time we have as many guns in the United States as we have people. There is not going to be a nationwide gun ban. There is not going to be a repeal of the second amendment. The best the left can hope for is a Democrat President and the ability to get a liberal on the Supreme Court to reverse Heller. But reversing Heller does not change gun laws in the country, except in certain areas.

Teachers should be allowed to carry on campus. We should pass the Grassley-Cruz legislation to beef up school security and we should allow teachers who have fire arms certification to lend a hand protecting their students.

I know it seems counter-intuitive and I'm sure the way Rush's comments will be portrayed by the media is to drive outrage against his idea. But that does not make him wrong. In fact, he is right on this. The one policy the left will not consider is this one policy that would help law abiding teachers and school officials protect their students.

The best way to end or minimize any school or workplace mass shooting is to deter it. Let the potential shooters know that not everyone will be a sitting duck. You will see these cowards move on to something else, or hopefully just killing themselves instead of taking innocent lives with them. Arming trained people on campuses and workplaces would put an end to most, if not all, these mass shootings.
I think you, Erick, and Rush are spot on.


You are both correct. I like allowing any teacher with a concealed carry permit to do so. We might have to roll back to a compromise, such as a select few who are trained as reserve sheriff's deputies and allowed to carry. A version of this idea is a really quick and cost effective to greatly increase school security.

Yikes Erick. Gun homicides are down. Gun accidents are up and suicides are soaring. We don't need armed personnel in every corner of our society from a Big Government mandate. We need to treasure our Second Amendment as a part of our Bill of Rights not a Bill of Fear. Can you imagine the first time there's a shooting at a school where an armed teacher panics and takes down a fleeing innocent? Or a kid ending up with a gun from an inevitable lapse in safety? What about even an accidental discharge? How do racial politics play into this? Or a teacher/administrator taking their own life? Talk about setting yourself up for a backlash.

There are a handful of rural counties where this has worked. God Bless Them. I hope more join. But this kind of policy not only wouldn't fly in most cities (would students boycott? They certainly would in Parkland), the consequences would be disastrous.

Bleh, I'm a teacher. Teachers routinely lose their keys and coffee mugs and cell phone. Wait til one loses his gun. Or has it taken away. I guess it would be a good temporary policy until the current generation grows up and decides to define the 2nd amendment in a more restrictive way.

There are ways to do this. First of all, none of us are MADATING that teachera carry. It would be similar to pilots. Also, unless deputized, they could have a small gun safe under their desk, set to their fingerprints.

I’m just guessing you never carry concealed. A gun isn’t something you just take out of your pocket and set on the desk. I’ve never lost my gun at the mall...or at church...or while grocery shopping...or while at the office...so I’m not sure why it would happen when my workplace is a school. And I’ve never had a kid grab my gun at the mall...or at church...or while grocery shopping...or while at the office...so I’m not sure why it would happen when I’m carrying at a school.

The entire point of CC is CONCEALED carry, not “Hey, kids, look at my cool Sig” Carry.

The left scream, "But Australia," forgetting Australia does not have
a second amendment and the United States does.

I don't think this is right, at least in THEORY. The Australians banned semi-automatic rifles and shotguns - weapons that can kill many people quickly and which did not exist in the late 18th century. In general, they put more hurdles between prospective gun owners and their weapons (longer waiting periods, more thorough background checks).

They did require prospective gun owners to present a justifiable reason for owning a gun which wouldn't fly in the U.S.. But as for the rest, the right to own firearms is preserved, albeit with additional regulation.

Now, it's true that it is difficult to reform gun laws IN PRACTICE. If society in general perceives there are too many mass shootings, there will eventually be reforms like the ones back in the 1980s.

For those that don't want to allo- not force - teachers to conceal carry I think that you should post a "This is a Gun-Free Home" sign in front of your house. Because that's what we basically have done in our government schools.


I am alive today because I had a gun under my blazer when I was jumped by a gang in Washington, D.C. in 1973. Many of the kids in Florida would be alive if the coach, who heroically shielded them with his body, had been allowed to carry a weapon like I was. Instead, they are gone and so is he. If the left had their way, I would be, too.

Great idea. It will never happen. Remember the hysteria on college campuses here when the governor signed the campus carry bill? Some of them quit. The teaching profession attracts a disproportionately female and liberal work force. Some of them will not only refuse to carry, they will refuse to work if guns are allowed on their campuses. Can you imagine what the teachers unions will say to this proposal? And we all know how much success we've had at standing up to THEM.

Campus security can deal with problems beyond guns. The number of thing that can be used as weapons is endless. Guns can be replaced by weapons that cause more collateral damage. Guns can take out other weapons.Remember the theory of substitution. Like every thing else you will not have the same out come in comparing the red and blue states. What is a teacher worth who puts the student at risk? I know women that can handle a gun as well as most men. If a gun carry law will get rid of some of the anti-American teaching so much the better. Teachers who oppose safety are probably more about indoctrination then teaching.


I am a teacher and I can't imagine some of those people carrying a gun. The admin could pick people to carry.

I'm not sure that I agree with teachers being able to carry. They have so much to deal with now that I don't think that should be an added burden. I do think that security should be increase in the schools and I'm all for employing veterans and retired police officers.

Having armed resistance is a good step in stopping the cowardly attacks. However if you care for your children consider your duties in the 5th commandment and an application of Duetronomy 6. Then make whatever sacrifice is necessary to protect them from the insidious government youth propaganda camps.