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Rick Scott for Senate

Rick Scott is a capable executive and would make an excellent addition to the United States Senate.

I was one of the very few conservatives willing to defend Rick Scott when he ran for Governor the first time. Most of my friends were supporting his Republican opponent, who had been a long time presence in Washington. But Scott was a businessman, entrepreneurial, and had good conservative instincts. I thought he was getting a raw deal with a lot of attacks against him and was happy to defend him.

Over the last eight years as Governor of Florida, Scott has proven himself a steady hand in the crises of hurricanes, the tragedies of school shootings, and the daily grind of public policy making. I do not always agree with Governor Scott, but even in disagreement he makes his case well and shows a humility in leadership many forget. His rise from poverty and his successes and failures in business have kept him grounded even in success. He would be a good addition to the United States Senate.

New polling out shows Rick Scott has a good chance of beating Bill Nelson. As he should. Scott has a better record than Nelson's both in terms of accomplishments and being representative of what Florida actually wants.

In a year when the GOP controls the White House, history shows the Democrats will have a good year with Congress. That's why we need the best candidate possible against Bill Nelson. That is why we need Rick Scott.

Let's agree on a Math Principle:


Let's agree on a Math principle: real conservative>establishment republican>any democrat. So either A or B is still a superior choice.

@ Dave FL -- Sad perspective. Lesser of two imperfect people is the inevitable choice in every election. If you'd rather have a Democrat, that's your choice, but don't complain about the 18-21 year old exemption when no one is able to exercise their Second Amendment rights.


No perfect candidates unless Jesus runs for office.

You ever watch a critically derided box office bomb and think "What are people talking about? That movie was awesome!" That's what the last 8 years have been under Rick Scott, The Greatest Showman of politics. Scott is the best governor since Andrew Jackson and the h8ters can go eat lunch. My property taxes were as high as 2,304$ and now I'm paying 800$. You used to have to take out loans for DMV fees but along came Scott and the 40$ tag became 20, the 410$ fee became 375$ and so on, so on. Now you might say "So what? That's peanuts" and that's something a liberal like Pelosi would say. OH! And he signed 22 execution warrants (including Oba Chandler) and would've signed 22 more if he the Supreme Court didn't throw it out.