Richard Cordray Creates a Constitutional Crisis. Left Blames Trump.

The CFPB's own lawyer agrees with the President, despite Democrat efforts to shape the media narrative.

Richard Cordray is the just departed head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Before departing, he named his Chief of Staff as the "acting director" with Democrats and much of the press claiming that the law creating the CFPB was clear in giving him the power to do that.

Donald Trump disagreed and named Mick Mulvaney as the new acting director. "Constitutional crisis," the left screamed. The media piled on. Who cares what the Justice Department says because they're clearly partisan hacks, they announced.

Well, there's just one wrinkle. The Democrat appointed legal counsel for the CFPB agrees with the President. In an opinion released this morning, the agency's own top lawyer says Mick Mulvaney is in charge . That hasn't stopped Cordrary's preferred replacement from running to court. But this complicates matters for her.

This is a crisis created by Richard Cordrary and he created it because he wants to run for Governor of Ohio as part of L'Resistance. The media ran with a sympathetic view of his talking point and they all have egg on their faces this morning. The Weekly Standard has a good piece on why the President is right.

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It's good to see the Democrats didn't get their way on this one. This is the way they operate to install more government and maintain more control over it.