Republican Debbie Lesko Wins the Arizona Special Election. Don't Get Cocky.

The GOP margin should have been far higher, but they still won with a great candidate.

Debbie Lesko, by all accounts a good Christian conservative, will be the new representative for Arizona's 8th congressional district. The district is strongly Republican. Lesko was a good fit. Democrats had no natural base of support in the district given its historic Republican-ness.

But don't get cocky. The district is overwhelming Republican and Lesko won it by a smaller margin than she should have. Democrats turned out as best they can, but the district was drawn to be Republican. That they were able to keep Lesko to single digits is a continuing warning sign to Republicans that they need to be fielding their best candidates with the best ground games.

November is going to be tough. The data points just keep trickling in to prove it. But tonight, the best candidate really did win. Congrats, Debbie Lesko.

Never underestimate the ability of people to ignore bad news Erick. I guarantee the story tomorrow will be about how the blue wave is over-stated and polling is unreliable.

Erick, you also didn't give us the information about how many GOP stayed home BECAUSE it's a strong Republican candidate in an overwhelmingly Republican district. I think that would be at least as important as the margin of win?


Erick, as long as Trump is president you will never give any victory it’s due without a dire warning of calamity. Your site is failing financially because Conservatives get depressed over your constant negative insights. I will watch in anticipation of the site going dark. If you want this site to thrive, give positive insights, God is not a God of gloom and doom.

I've been saying there will be no "Blue Wave" since before this site came into existence. I'll stick with that. Call it cocky if you wish, but I don't see any blue wave. The left is going too far to the communist/socialist/radical left, and people are waking up to it. I also think that lawsuit the left has filed against the Trump Campaign, plus Vladimir Putin/Mickey Mouse and whoever else, will just give more people on the left to vacate from the madness in their party that much quicker. I am not worried about the 2018 elections, at all. We may even see a few Republican gains in California before this runs it's course. That federal judge who just told the Trump administration it had to restart DACA is going to backfire on that judge. Mueller is floundering, with zero results to date. There will be another few episodes of Democrats going completely stupid before the midterm election, and we will be fine.

Republican voters staying home instead of voting could still cause a blue wave."All it takes for evil to win is for good people to do nothing." Staying home and not voting should not be an option for Repubs this fall.

It depends on the candidates. We should support good candidates that are honest and keep their promises. The others should be left out to dry. It is the only way to make sure we get good candidates. We have established the precedent that we will vote GOP no matter who it is because they are "better than the Democrats". Does that work anywhere else in life? Can your employer respond to a request for a raise with, "We pay you more than minimum wage. What more do you want? A job pays more money than no job." That won't work for long. Is your wife okay if you only have an affair with one person because at least it isn't three?

Always show up. Register your protest with a write-in or a third party if you have to, but show up. The GOP may be the only option at the moment, but it doesn't have to be. It should reform or go extinct. The GOP has had control of the House, Senate and Presidency for 16 months (and have mailed it in until after the election). So for 2 years, we have a tax cut. That is it. Obamacare repeal - failure. They couldn't even pass a half measure. Defund Planned Parenthood - nope. Immigration - nothing done. It goes on and on. What good is GOP control if they don't actually do anything? And they don't do it because they don't want to, not because they can't. When was the last time the Democrats just threw up their hands and gave up because the GOP minority told them no? They overreach, the voters punish them and put the GOP back in power. Then the GOP does nothing and the Democrats regain power. They overreach again and the cycle repeats. That is why we continue the leftward march. The GOP doesn't actually pull the country back to the concepts have been proven throughout history to be best for the human condition (conservatism). At best, they just put it in neutral and coast in the same directions the Democrats have the country headed in.

I think Republicans will have a tough year bc they haven’t kept their promises. Besides tax cuts (which they stupidly didn’t make retroactive to the beginning to 2017), they don’t have many accomplishments. They didn’t fund a border wall, they massively increased spending, they keep funding planned parenthood, they’ve done nothing about illegal or legal immigration, didn’t repeal Obamacare, etc. They lied. If they want people to show up, keep your promises.

Let's revisit this conversation on November 7. If Daniel Horowitz is to be believed, and I think he should be, we're looking at a 60-80 seat loss in the House this fall. But Trumplicans cannot be reasoned with. They have a blind devotion to him that mirrors that of lefties with Obama. It's disappointing, scary, and tragic.

You anti-Trumpers were horrible wrong in 2016 and I suspect you will be wrong again in 2018. The Republicans will hold to the house with a smaller majority and will pick up a few seats in the Senate. You and Erick need to buy your crow now because you will be feasting on it instead of turkey in November.

Oh my, oh my, the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

The parsoneds, while dedicated to nonstop moaning about support of Trump, never seem to have an alternative. So tell us, parsoned, just what do you think we SHOULD do now? We have a Republican president (who is, by the way, doing exactly what we elected him to do, doing it well, and making so much progress even the Left has had to acknowledge it) and you and your ilk are complaining. First your internal Trump-hating filters tell you that those who support him don't do it because he is the president and needs support, don't do it because he is doing what he said he would do, don't do it because he is doing a good job, don't do it because helping the Left undermine this presidency is a recipe for disaster for the nation, but only because we "...have a blind devotion to him that mirrors that of lefties with Obama." That interpretation of the facts tells us far more about you than about us. You claim that refusing to join those who want to diminish this presidency and what it is accomplishing is "....disappointing, scary, and tragic." Yet what is really disappointing, scary and tragic is the fact that people like you would rather damage the nation by undermining the president who is doing more to restore it than any other president in the last century than just STFU if you can't find it in yourself to get past your petty, infantile and destructive Identity Politics temper tantrums.